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Even physical rainbows are out of reach

Light and reflection aren’t considered matter right? Which makes them non-physical, I presume. And hence out of reach. But even physical rainbows in the form of clothes are out of reach!!! Boohoo :'(

Rainbow dress

Rainbow top

Rainbow cardiganRainbow shoes

Was doing some random browsing online (by that I mean trying hard to resist the evils of temptation and then feeling my willpower slowly crumble and ebb away) when I came across this site with quite an attractive catalogue. And guess which items caught my eye 🙁 I mean, quite rare seeing such bright rainbow striped clothes right haha. But the price range is all $30+ wtf, I won’t even have to consider buying. Sigh why am I not a filthy rich spoilt brat!!!!!

Hahaha and anw, I don’t really like buying stuff online. The price range is usually $20+ and chiffon + knitted material seems to be all the rage now but I don’t even like these materials very much. Plus all the pictures are photoshopped so rarely does the actual item ever look the same. Meh. But admittedly these pictures look so good :’D

Other ways I use to dissuade myself from making an impulsive buy –

I won’t know how to match these bright striking patterns. Heck, I have enough trouble matching common and plain colors which is why I’m always late for class (40% spamming snooze button and 60% having wardrobe woes LOL). Plus my fashion sense is not really sharp. The most effective way is telling myself that I will definitely look fat in the above clothes -__- They seem to be the tight-fit kind right? And the model is so thin already!!! >:O

Hearts romperHearts print romper

But but but on the same site I saw this!!!! And it’s $18 with no additional costs. Xiaxue actually has the pink one which she bought from Bugis at $66? And another blogger managed to find the same thing on Taobao for $11 but it’s so troublesome (needing agents and all) so I’m not gonna bother. It’s chiffon and I’m not sure if it will look good on me so… I’m not sure yet.

Wonder if I can find something similar for $10 and below? LOL then that will be my achievement of the year :’D
I don’t want give out the website here because 1) don’t want you all snatch with me (why am I so childish) and 2) no free advertising unless your product/service is sooo good. But if you’re really interested then just drop me an email.

mirror wedges

Saw this on another site weeks ago and it will forever be a sourness in my heart!!!!!!! :'(

Mirror wedges! For freaking $20 which is such a steal!!! RIGHT? But by the time I saw it they only had Size 36 left and I’m a 37 >:( I wouldn’t mind 37, 38 and 39 but 36 is just… no. Because I heard that for high-cut shoes it’s always safer to get a size bigger? But then when I went back after awhile just to satisfy myself by ogling a bit, even the Size 36 was gone 🙁

Tell me where else you can get mirror wedges for $20 please T_T
Even emailed them and they said they are no longer bringing me more stock. Sobs.

This has been a pointless post, with me having purchased nothing and sharing nothing good with y’all.

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