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The Choice

No idea how I’m gonna survive the finale tomorrow. All I know so far is that

  • Not every character makes it to Season 4
  • Which means that people are going die (as usual)
  • Emotional scenes for both sides
  • Elena is finally gonna make a choice – Stefan or Damon
  • Writers have confirmed that she won’t be choosing neither etc
  • Damon apparently talks about the first time he lays eyes on Elena
  • Flashbacks of Elena’s life before her parents died aka before 1×01
  • Flashback of the accident in which her parents died and Stefan saved her
  • This flashback intertwines with the present in which an accident also occurs
  • Cast, writers, crew etc have all been talking about how epic this finale will be

Omg I am bound to cry like crazy -_- For some weird reason, I have cried through at least 80% of Season 3 even if it’s a normal scene like Rose talking to Jeremy about Delena. I don’t think I cried at all during Season 1 you know. This show has grown on me so much.


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