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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.


24 hours a day is not enough to

  • Update this blog regularly, let alone edit the theme
  • Go through my 2 Tumblr’s dashboards, let alone make gifs
  • Read books and fill up my 365 films list, let alone do reviews
  • Manage Dear Love’s Twitter and Fanpage (I deleted the Tumblr)
  • Add in sleep, school, social life for family and friends
  • Etc etc etc etc etc

Kinda frustrated actually because due to my infrequent updates, traffic drops and so do regular earnings. And I haven’t been getting much advertorials for my blog, Twitter, event invitations or won much stuff this year. Seriously all I need is time to sit down and actually be productive but ugh.

Tumblrs still gaining followers but at a slower rate than usual as compared to the longass holidays and even so, I don’t earn anything from Tumblr. Though yesterday I just put the Nuffnang ads back up. No idea why I removed in the first place actually. My follower count on both Twitters have also been steadily declining for some reason 🙁

That and the new FB timeline (though I think my profile is still the old layout to the public eye until 18 May) bothers me so much I just feel like deactivating my account.

On a brighter note,
Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

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