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I am fat fat fat fat fat

23 February (Thursday)

Out with Dian and Lerms (Chin was being Chin) 😀 booo I miss my holidays already!
Went to watch Safe House and on nom nom at Ramen Ten! Got to watch The Hunger Games and The Amazing Spiderman trailers before the film so yay!

My $5 dress from Cotton On haha

I know the pictures are blurry but idk why ok shhhh

Hunger Games bracelets that Dian and I ordered! 😀

Their ramen and sushi 😀

I had the Japanese seafood platter set!
Rice, soup, fries, ebi fry, scallop, mussels, calamari and salmon for for close to $20

A bit on the dry side though but still yummy!

What’s new??? #fanficwhoar

Oh you know something!!!
We were sitting at the exact same table and positions as the last time we came together! 😀 Visited this place like 3 times together and each time Gerry wasn’t around O_O

Pretty sure you can guess who is the acting photographer that captures all the nice group shots everytime we go out i.e. not us 😛

As usual, resolved not to buy anything but lacked self-control to resist temptation. Got this bag at $12 I think. Last time I saw it was a lot more expensive and this was the last one!! This grey romper caught my eye too. $15 and the material quite good but the aunty die also don’t want to give me discount. Don’t want then don’t want lor! My feelings towards that romper is not intense enough to warrant paying its original price for it.

Yes like almost every other female, I have the weirdest and most irrational logic 😀

Damn. I can’t resist anything pink, black, silver, stripes, polka dots, and ribbons.
Sometimes rainbow too. If you can’t already tell.

Got all of Gerry’s presents that day too, even went from FEP to Plaza Sing to find. It’s this pair of shoes that caught her eye when we went out previously and a wallet that looks very similar (maybe even nice LOL) to the one she wants. Very happy because we got her shoe size right and she’s been using the wallet 😀 😀 😀

P/S: Gerry couldn’t make it, not that we didn’t ask her because we wanted to scout for her presents. Just in case people are desperate for gossip or wanna sabotage us or whatever. I know what some of you are like.

My blog is full of food….. 🙂
Spent more 5 minutes trying to come up with a title but to no avail so oh well.

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