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Safe House

Caught this in theatres not long ago, and it’s pretty good!
Here’s why. (Spoilers are hidden, highlight to read)

Safe House (2012)
Rating: 8/10

Knew nothing about this movie before watching it, not even what’s it about or the trailer. All I knew that it was an action film starring Ryan Reynolds. Might also be the reason why I didn’t understand the first 30 minutes of the film, which I found boring and confusing. I did not know what a safe house was, who the bad and the good were, or what Ryan’s character role was (dun dun dun… safehouse-keeper).

The action sequences were good but rather generic. I have no idea if some parts were meant to be jumpy because Dian beside me jumped at some sudden parts (bombings etc) but I was still throughout. The buildup was also just average for me but there were definitely moments that kept you on the edge of your seat
(e.g. Matt immobile on the bed while talking to his boss, Frost aiming the gun at Matt).

Brilliant acting from the 2 guys in the poster above. Same goes for their characterisation and the dailogue between them. And it made me think alot and I like it when movies make you think. Is the character that everyone perceives as bad really the villian? Who are the true monsters here? Don’t kill the innocent, but how do you define “innocent”?

The movie got progressively better and better. But what really blew me away was how ironic and iconic the movie was. For example, scene of the CIA, the “guest” and the “keeper” in the safehouse at the beginning. Another similar scene with the 3 parties at another safehouse at the end. However, the characters’ identity were totally reversed by the end of the movie. Elaboration:

  • Beginning: Matt is the keeper, Frost is the captured guest, CIA are the supposedly good guys
  • Ending: Matt is being watched by his boss (CIA) like he’s the guest. And his boss wants him to lie and cover up the truth of his misdeeds. Intense moment whereby I was willing for Matt to not reveal the file’s whereabouts because it’s evident that once he does, he’s “screwed” like what Frost said.

You have no idea how much I love this role reversal. And the friendship that develops between two very unlikely people. Loads of twists and turns and you keep wondering who exactly is the bad guy. Those gangsters with guns? Who do they work for? Who is the traitor? Is there one? Which CIA boss is right?

The ending was the best. You wonder what’s become of Matt and what actions he’s gonna take. One of the final scenes was extremely gratifying. At the same time, it was open pretty open and people could intepret it however they wanted to. Example:

  • The smile he shares with Ana – do they reunite?
  • He leaks the file that everyone’s been after anonymously – what are the consequences? Does he become everyone’s enemy, like what Frost had mentioned earlier? Has he another Tobin Frost? Will he constantly be in danger and on the run? What does his promotion mean? Will he become like the CIA?

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