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Are you better than others?

Here’s a guage that I came up with!!

Examples that make you better than others:

  • You are god… literally
  • You have magical powers
  • There has been a statue made out of you
  • You are well known and in textbooks etc
  • You end world poverty, hunger, war, and human trafficking
  • People make pop culture references about you in books and shows
  • Some part of you or action of yours have saved millions of lives
  • You have rainbow-colored brain that emits all sorts of energy
  • You can cure the terminally ill with one touch
  • Your phelgm and mucus are treated as medicine
  • You emit rainbow glow that stops all natural disasters
  • Your skin is jewel-encrusted and you drop diamonds everywhere you go
  • People bow at the sight of you and kiss your feet
  • I spazz and obssess about you more than TVD

If you meet any of these criteria, then you are really special and have actual use and have benefited mankind. Thus, you have earned the right to be annoying and proud and bossy and I will even give you a fucking medal! But then again, I have never heard of truly great and noble figures like Mother Teresa being annoying…Right??

What does not make you better than others:

Maybe it does make you “better” (society standards-wise) but definitely not better/superior than others. Why? Because in the end we are all FUCKING HUMAN. You eat, drink, poo, pee, breathe, walk, talk? You human.

  • Being older or of higher authority/position
  • Being prettier, slimmer or physically more appealing (with/without makeup/photoshop)
  • Being smarter or more talented or performing academically better
  • Being from a foreign country, regardless or what country (this makes you racist, not better)
  • Owning a car, apartment, credit cards, or any other material possessions
  • Being famous but not having any talent
  • Blah blah blah

Very short list because I just don’t understand people who think they are better than others and thus act superior and treat others poorly. You know, it is actually okay to think you are better! Who doesn’t have such moments right?! Because everyone has their own skills and talents and their own calling. Which I respect.

But it is not okay to think you are better and act like it! Because are you, really? And how are you better??? Because you have accomplished more than other people? Like what?!?!? Can fight with Nobel Prize winners or not???? Then why you never even get nominated????

Let me admit something – I myself have moments whereby in my brain, I’m thinking about how some ridiculous some people are and thus I feel like I am better than them. But I know I am not and that’s why I don’t act upon it, on it, or like it. Unless the rare moments whereby people are just being too ridiculous or something.

I reblogged this on Tumblr not long ago:

The number of notes prove that a lot of people have such moments like me too. But most of them probably don’t act on it too. Notice my tags? Yes the “don’t touch me” one is super relevant to me. Pretty sure that while I am not some famous person, I have more followers on Twitter/Tumblr/blog as compared to my peers so I am allowed to feel like that occasionally. But I don’t act like I am better than people by bragging about my numbers/stats all the time right??? Or insist that people must listen to me, or that I am always the correct one??

When people are being fucking ridiculous, I just keep quiet, shoot a meaningful look to my friends maybe, mentally roll my eyes and then think, “Walao be quiet can!! I am more famous than you online and my English is better than you.” Just in my head. Which I think is reasonable and I am focusing on the things I am good at. But I don’t keep bringing it up to people or treat them like crap because I strongly feel that I am better than them and hence, must act superior to them. The most I have ever done is scold people if they offend me in some way.

I am sure everyone has done a mental eyeroll before right?! Person A might be academically more smart than Person B but Perosn B might be more hands-on skilled in one area than Person A. My point is that we are all good at different things, better at some areas than others, which makes us pretty much equal. Unless you are really a pro at every single thing, then maybe you earn the right to be obnoxious.

Being nice to people go a long way. Or polite at least. A king is respected only if he loves and cares for his subjects. No one enjoys being oppressed or having orders barked at them. I super hate it when people come to me and say, “Hey you go do this.” Please, if you want help or a favour, or even if you just want something to be done because it’s expected, ask nicely. Eg: “Hey, can you blah blah…?”

No matter which way you ask, I will say yes if I can do it. But if you don’t ask properly, you piss me off and ruin my mood and make me do a crap job. It is basic manners. No matter who you are talking to. Why? We are all human. BASIC MANNERS!!! A boss is not better than his employee just because he is of higher authority. What would he do without employees? Come to think of it, the boss receives a fatter paycheck so might as well he do himself!? Ask nicely and everyone will be happy.

The point is to treat people as equals. Maybe my examples are shit because they are the basic structure of society. But even in my classroom environment/structure, there are instances whereby people act like they are better than others and I just don’t see what’s so special about them that allows them to think that way.

I am quite the average student and the equipment manager and I appreciate it when people ask me nciely if they can loan equipment. So far everyone has been polite and not acting like it’s my job to serve them and it makes me happy to get the equipment they need for them promptly.

Everyone is probably gonna be assuming shit upon reading this but I just wanna clarify something. You may think that I dislike certain people in class because of the conflicts I have with them publicly. But actually those are just like an one-incident sort of thing and I have let it pass.

Well the purpose of this post is to just ask people to treat others as equals or at least be not so obnoxious because no one likes such people and not to purposely target anyone in particular but I will admit that it’s triggered by certain people and stuff I heard/saw.

Last thing, you bully any of my friends (who all happen to be more good natured than me), you are also coming at me.

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