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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Because I am lame like that

Eeeek haven’t logged into my blog for 2 weeks!! Doesn’t even feel like 2 weeks. School started and it’s 9am to 5.30pm everyday so I’m too tired and moodless to update. Or to do anything, really. I update Tumblr like once a week and my film list is stagnant T_T

Didn’t do very well for exams either 🙁 2 C+, 3 B+ and 1 A -_- oh and a B for French. Now, if you read my older posts, you would know that I had been failing Business Law because of my 8/20 test but it was the only module I got A for lmao. Which means that I did quite well for the exam so I guess that’s one thing I’m glad about. HIYAYA.

I miss regular classes… Now it’s like stupid office hours because we are supposed to “experience a working environment” so I can’t go home even when there’s nothing to do! Hence it’s like I either sit down in the media hub the whole day fooling around (& maybe some editing) or spend the whole day standing to film.

Only good thing is my sleeping schedule! 😀 My average nowadays is 1am+ to 2am+ which is a vast improvement so yay 😀 and the few spare hours I have at night are mostly spent on lurking on Yahoo Answers and playing Battleon

Recently I just like playing it a lot even though it’s pretty stupid since it’s not exactly interactive or 3D or RPG like Wonderland (omg remember when???) because you only click and you can’t move your character. One turn for you, one turn for the monster. Maybe because it’s so lame and simple that I play it to destress.

Guess what BURP stands for…

I named all my pets after my guinea pigs and Delena and Damon omg #judgingmyself

Just got a new hairdo recently muahaha it’s my real life straight, long, ginger hair phase 😀 the hairdo has nothing to do with my armor which makes me look freaky but is really good.

Please tell me that I did not just dedicate an entire post to Battleon omg

Anw not that anyone is interested but we have 2 “stopovers” for TEP and I’m doing production (which is compulsory for everyone) first then switching over to print (choice of that or channel management)! And in these stopovers we are still being broken down into smaller groups.

Anw one production team wants to feature me in their “upclose” segment and the print team wants to feature me in the magazine also omg I feel flattered, embarrassed and inadequate all at once!! Lol I told them to tell me beforehand so that I can dresser nicer and prepare what to say. Then again it’s only the school’s own channel and magazine so I doubt anyone even reads/watches them ahahaha. But I really don’t think I’m some special or famous blogger like others?! So :’)

Also did you realise

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