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Book spazzing

Went to Kinokuniya the other day with the intention of only getting the first 2 books but like every other time… 😀 hey I actually picked out 2 more but decided not to buy them in the end okay, because I wasn’t sure if they will be good.

Before I continue, I would just like to say that I’m not ashamed that I rarely read adult books (I have never read Nicholas Sparks, Cecelia Ahern or Sophie Kinsella, but I will someday). I read a lot of children’s books and teenage books and Horrible Histories instead and those are the sections I browse whenever I visit the library. Hey I’m a teen so it’s perfectly normal okay.

Kiss Date Love Hate by the author that sent me a free copy of her book in 2010 (if anyone remembers. I definitely do asdfghjkly). She has 4 published books and I have read 3, with this being the 4th. Her books are like my kind of perfect. Teenage angst and romance, high school stuff 😀 and it doesn’t hurt that the covers are always so pretty. Honestly I love her books and I think she deserves more recognition!

I have read The Longest Whale Song (and every book of this author, really) and it’s one of her best titles. She’s quite old and has written a lot of books and I love every single of them. A lot of them are about troubled children from broken homes. The Longest Whale Song was so freaking sad and absolutely beautiful and it made me cry ;_;

The Boy Next Door is for adults but I read it because it’s Meg Cabot. It’s so good and funny!!! And loads more but the last time I read it was years ago from my sec school’s library so I can’t really remember. How can one author write so many incredible books of so many different genres, you tell me.

Still my favourite series of all-time asdfghjkly. And I rarely re-read books because I don’t have time but this is like the exception… especially the last book omg there was a period of time when I just kept re-reading it over and over again and I sobbed like a baby each time ;_; I didn’t want the series to end! I can’t believe it got cut down to 6 books because it wasn’t popular enough. Are you kidding me T_T

Jesse and Susannah were my OTP before I even knew what an OTP was. And while reading the last book, I kept having the notion that this can never end well because I just don’t see how the 2 of them can have any future together and how it wouldn’t make sense if Jesse turned into human or Suze turned into a ghost. But hey, guess what – things couldn’t have ended more perfectly :’)

To be honest, I don’t read the supernatural genre. It’s just not my interest. I would never read a fic with “Supernatural” as its theme. I rarely even read horror despite my love for horror movies… I never thought I’d be so obsessed with The Vampire Diaries show even. The only reason I started reading The Mediator was because my sec school’s librarian gave me a copy of Book 2. So I went to look for Book 1 and 3 at the library. And from there on, it was a path of no return… not that I regret anything, mind you.


I heard that the movie rights to the series have been bought but so far there hasn’t been any plans on making one. I have mixed feelings about this… I don’t want it to end up like the Georgia Nicolson series [x] which has got to have the worst film adaptation ever despite being such an awesome series on its own.

Or another The Hunger Games where the hype is so crazy and some of the “fans” are fucking irritating. Shut the fuck up about Team Peeta and Team Gale, this is not bloody Twilight. Plus usually I don’t mind if you haven’t read the books but watch the film, because I do it too. But for The Hunger Games, I find it unbearable and I don’t wanna fucking share something so wonderful with people who haven’t read the books. I don’t want to be part of the same fandom as these people who keep going on about the movie but have no idea what goes on in the trilogy.

I watched the USA premiere on livestream few days ago. One of the hosts and some of the fans interviewed said they haven’t read the books. The host even sheepishly said she wanted to “experience it from the movie’s perspective” first. Stop giving weak excuses. I feel so fucking EMBARRASSED for these people. Especially when all the cast were so passionate about the books and fangirling, and proud that they were part of the cast. I myself felt so happy and proud that this is the cast we have for The Hunger Games.

Sorry but I’m not the only one complaining. The people on Tumblr agree. Nevermind that it is us who have to sit and watch everything from behind our computers. Why is it retards like these, people who are interested only because of Josh or Liam, that get to be there and experience everything? Trust me, it’s not sour grapes but more like we think people like them aren’t worthy enough to be part of our fandom.

1k+ notes…

Anyway, back to my books.

I heard about We Need To Talk About Kevin (WNTTAK) And Requiem For A Dream (RFAD) only because I watched the movies first. Ended up liking both more than I thought I would! So, so, so incredible and I have so many feels about these 2 films.

RFAD had a 3ish to 4 all the way from beginning. The screenplay was quite unique and some parts were quite confusing, so I had my doubts at first. But then came the ending… and I’m left speechless. Because it’s so powerful and you could say, the final resolution of the themes they are trying to portray. The final scenes of each character and how they all parallel… it’s something so strong I can’t even put it in words.

Requiem For A Dream

That and I love the said themes in the film. About addiction, about not having your head in the clouds so much that you forget about reality, you get so engrossed in what you desire that your feet leaves the ground and you end up stumbling and falling, the fine line between reality and dreams. It’s all so real and powerful and the whole film left such a deep impact on me.

Also, this is like the most depressing film I have watched. Nobody died and it didn’t make me cry at all, like A Walk To Remember or Titanic. But do you realise that both AWTR and Titanic ended up on happy note despite the main character’s death? A wedding in AWTR and the dream sequence of being on the ship in Titanic? RFAD ended up the most depressing and tragic note ever.

And it’s something that I will never forget.

WNTTAK was the “non-mainstream” kind of film. To me, by non-mainstream, I mean they match either one of these:

  1. No linear plot
  2. Not everyone will enjoy/get the film
  3. Logically it might not make sense
  4. Ending is vague/ambiguous/uncertain/not solid

Not every criteria, just one or two. I usually tend not to enjoy non-mainstream films because they are usually slow or confusing or don’t make enough sense for my liking (e.g. Melancholia, Martha Marcy May Marlene), so I was really surprised that I loved WNTTAK. I think it’s the only non-mainstream film that I can say I truly enjoyed…

Really brilliant and it left a deep and unforgettable impression on me even though I watched it sometime last year. At first I was quite confused due to its non-linear plot which cuts back and forth from past to present, but then I started piecing the puzzle today. Also pretty amusing and entertaining to see his atrocities from young. Brilliant dialouge and lines especially Ezra Miller’s. His and Tilda Swinton’s performance was so amazing and I can’t believe this film wasn’t nominated for any Academy Award.

All 3 guys in above fanmade poster played the same character at different ages but I love the pretty one on the left best! Asdfghjkly so cute!!! My mom thought he was a girl when I showed her a picture. Omgggg

And wow the last scene, I can’t even. So poignant and powerful and touching all at the same time. The whole film just portrayed the love of a mother and her relationship with her son so well. And in that moment you realise how they really are left with only each other ;_; plus it makes you think… why?

Don’t want to spoil anything but both these films should be watched by everyone at least once in their lives. No amount of words and reviews can justify their perfection and impact.

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