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Angus, Thongs and Stupid Snogging

Reblogged this photoset [x] on Tumblr and I was ranting about how

“The more popular this film gets, the more I hate it. It was rather okay actually but compared to the book series it was absolute shit. I love the book series so much I can’t even. Ughhhh how many people even know about the books or have read all ten. Okay I’m being stupid and unreasonable by even comparing. /endrant” [x]

If there’s one thing I tend to do, it’s comparing books against their film adaptations. Even though everyone always says to enjoy both and not compare. But I seriously respect books so much that I hate it when they make a movie out of my favourite book(s) and it turns out shitty. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging is a prime example. It’s actually based on the first 2 books of the 10-book Georgia Nicolson series. And my second all-time favourite series after The Mediator by Meg Cabot.

Used to be so crazy over the series that I paid money at the library to reserve the latest book :’D anw there were 3 eligible guys for the main female character and I shipped Dave with her so hard even before I knew what shipping was. But the movie made Dave really insignificant and unfunny wtf -_- And the characters in the books were silly but endearing and hilarious. The movie cast was just immature and unbearable. MAD HATE THIS STUPID FILM FOR SPOILING MY BEAUTIFUL SERIES ZZZ

Anw I’m blogging about this because people reblogged my post and I saw 2 that actually agreed [x][x] with my stupid rant. Which means that they read the books before too!!! I don’t know anyone else who’s a fan of the series 🙁 I felt really happy because, omg! Someone agrees with my unpopular opinion. Lolol random.

Okay I am babbling stuff that nobody cares about again but whatever. It’s weird how I started out not really liking it because I had a hard time grasping the dialogue and text since the girl (all 10 books are in diary form) makes up her own words. I had to keep checking the glossary to understand but slowly over time, everything just came naturally. Her humour is excellent and the angst and the 3 guys, sigh!!! <3

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