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Worst movie ever

On Valentine’s Day, I watched Chronicle aka the worst film ever. Can you believe it? Fancy watching such a shit film on such a promising day. Actually I planned to blog about the day itself but this ended up being a huge rant on the movie so they shall be separate posts.

This movie is a waste of time and money and also a mood-spoiler. So unless you have extra money, time and mood to waste, I highly recommend you NOT to watch this piece of shit. Can’t even believe that it has positive reviews! Yuckity yuck. Quite a pity because the posters, taglines, trailer are all pretty good. But the film itself is excrutiatingly painful to watch. Painful because it’s so stupid and boring.

The film was entirely from the angle of footage and recordings which I found to be redundant, because it did not help to move the storyline along or make it more realistic. Just more painful. The average person does not enjoy watching a film with messy and shaky footage so unless your plot is good, don’t use this approach!!!

All of the characters were not likeable at all, from the main trio to everyone else. No one has depth, whether emotionally or mentally. The 3 guys were super irritating and idiotic, and everyone else was irrelevant. I don’t even understand the purpose of Matt’s girlfriend other than making the film more annoying. Simply put, Chronicle is about a stupid boy who think he’s the shit, wants to be the shit, and has no regard about human life.

Also, many films on my 365 list are the kind where something bizarre and inexplicable happens. But sometimes you just get it, you don’t question it. Because of many reasons such as you can see the motives and themes behind the film. E.g. Midnight in Paris, Triangle, Black Swan, After Life, etc. But for Chronicle, I was just super pissed off that I didn’t get any explanation on how they just found a hole, touched something glowy, and got stupid powers.

The only plus point was its theme about how sometimes when people get so angry, they let their anger take over and control them and do things beyond imagination. But even then, it’s so cliche so I won’t even give Chronicle half a star on my list. Every. Single. Thing. Sucks. Even the ending. Which left a bit of possibility for a sequel – I BEG YOU, PLEASE, NO.

The first half was the worst because it’s more like a series of scenes about teenage boys doing stupid stuff rather than an actual storyline. The only reason I continued watching was because I went to read the entire movie plot on Wiki with my phone and it seemed more promising. Boy, was I wrong. Come to think of it, it was the first time a movie was so bad that halfway through I had to Wiki it. Heck, it was the first time I had to Wiki a movie plot while in theatres.

In conclusion, Chronicle is a sorry excuse for a film and I truly am baffled as to how it got such positive reviews and how so many people on Tumblr liked it (I did a search and browsed through a few pages). I do wish people would take down all the posters and the cinemas would take it off the box office because it does not deserve a place anywhere, other than lists such as “Worst films of all times”.

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