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# This is why we can’t have nice things

Internet phrase and meme, Tumblr hashtag

  1.  Shit we can’t have.
  2. The inability to possess quality goods or services.
  3. Used to describe the consequences of an asshole.
  4. An image macro invoked when somebody does something stupid.

Going to rage about this wormhole (literally, because it so small and boring and lame) that I call my country of birth. Don’t get me wrong, usually I have no complaints about it but recently it just keeps pissing me off to no end. Because it doesn’t feed to my obsessions or passions at all and I can only admire everything via the Internet.

Initially I got super excited because I thought he was giving signed copies of the magazine to 100 random people. Then I realised that what he meant was we had to get picked, then send our copy of the magazine over + one other item (first thing I thought of was my DVD. Though it’s so heavy and bulky maybe I’ll send my underwear instead) for him to sign. Problem?

  • I have searched high and low for the magazine at newstands and major bookstores but alas, I have to concede defeat – it’s not sold in Singapore.
  • If I order it online, the offer above would have been over by the time I receive it in the mail.
  • The sending here and there plus postage costs… ugh forget it

Entertainment Weekly Vampire Diaries

Said magazine with 3 different covers (I would have gotten the trio’s). Kinda wish they didn’t have to resort to using sex to sell. And weird how TVD is a PG show on a free-to-air channel but they are having nude photoshoots like True Blood. Is it so hard to think of something original…

Well guess I have to be happy with whatever Tumblr can offer, such as stills and gifs of the photoshoot itself. Can’t see the content of the magazine at all but welllll what to do when you live in a country where every industry pales in comparison to other countries. How come US magazines keep covering TVD-related stuff or at least, Hunger Games (which is totally justified as it is the latest craze, though as usual SG is fucking slow to catch up), whereas local magazine only cover shit I don’t care about? E.g. Kpop, One Direction, etccc.

I used to buy Teens and Teenage every month but then they started to cover Kpop non-stop so byebye. Uh, things do get old you know. Also tbh, I’m into older sex gods like Ian Somerhalder, Jared Leto, Jake Gyllenhaal who get hotter with age, not bands and pretty boys who dress like… idk.

The local edition of Seventeen had nothing about The Hunger Games except maybe a stupid contest form. The US magazine had photoshoots of the cast. As usual, I had to find out from Tumblr and just stare longingly at each post. Lol @ how everyone on Tumblr have finished the trilogy and then people locally will be like, “Hey what’s this movie about let’s go watch it omg I love it” and have no clue about what happens in the trilogy.

Plus we have shit shows, dramas and local productions. Also how the TVD cast/writers have conventions everywhere but in Asia. Nothing of interest to me ever happens here. I guess I should be glad that at least we are significant enough that when you register an account on any website, and they ask for your country, Singapore will be in the drop-down list? That at least we have television sets and cable networks here? Why, thank you.

You know, the biggest joke was how I was so anticipating to watch The Vow, which was released around 10 Feb and officially on Valentine’s Day for most countries. Then I realised that locally, it’s only gonna be released on 12 April.

the Vow poster

Uh… The Vow happens to be a romantic drama film so Valentine’s Day would be the ideal release date. It is a pretty tragic story about newlyweds in which the wife loses all her memories and doesn’t even remember her husband. The cast hints at some epic love story like a Nicholas Sparks novel because Rachel McAdams was in The Notebook, while Channing Tatum was in Dear John. Hence that was the impression I got of the film. But I guess if you think a date closer to April’s Fool would be the ideal release date then ok.

Lol I think by April, I would have probably seen more than half of the movie via gifs on Tumblr. Heck, I think I can even find the whole movie online. I want to pay you money to watch it at your cinema but you’d rather I download it online and then accuse me of copyright infringement and internet piracy. Yes makes sense.

Also, apparently Singapore signed ACTA. Wow I wonder why! Because you wanna get into the good books of the other big players? Why would you sign it. Why would anybody sign it. I won’t even go into this subject because all logical arguments and protests have already been made.

Do you see all all of these and ACTA links up?
If you don’t, please stop reading my blog because we are obviously on different frequency levels. Same goes for if you are offended by my Kpop remarks or lack of patrotism. This entry happens to discuss definitions 1, 2 and 4 of its title. Go figure.

P/S: The underwear was a joke. I may be obsessed but not psycho.

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