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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Terminally chill

GPOY of me… even the rainbow and star patterns are so me! 😀

Terminally chill

27 November 2011 aka one day before Business Law ICA1 aka why I scored 8/20 on my test

I do not like this day. My nap overshot, it was storming like crazy outside, and my cab fare amounted to $20.

Can I have less face/tummy fat and more boob fat plsssss

Went to a dinner with my family and cousins in the evening but every dish served was horrible even the dessert was shit. So we went to the tze char store at the coffeeshop near my house and had another round 😀 SO MUCH MORE PLEASING TO THE TUMMY.

Not sure if you can tell but I edited these food photos a second time round on Photoshop. I made the colors a lot much more vibrant muahahaha. Not sure if it’s a good thing. Even on my gifs, I tend to go overboard with the vibrancy.

Crispy fried sotong

Forgot what’s this

Venison 🙂

Whatever, the test is over!! In fact, the whole module is over. I wish I’d known what the LAW method was at that time though. Lerms and I scored the same marks and we were like, “Huh… there’s a method? I thought LAW method is just… law lor.” Yeah, LOL.

The other day we were saying, “Remember when we got 8/20 for business law? And when we barely passed Finance 2 semesters ago? Ooooh and the first time was when we scored 5/25 in the DFVP test! HOW COME IT’S ALWAYS US 2???? Hahahaha maybe we are an OTP ourselves 😉

high five

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