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Random thought processes

Right after the last post I made, my mind drifted to the conversation I had with the girls earlier that day. About working out. That seems like our lecturers are the kind to work out. And if we were thin, we wouldn’t work out at all anymore. So from there after publishing my last post, I started thinking about how thin Ms Soo was and whether she works out. Then!!! Mentally, “Maybe she goes to the gym with Gims” and it was the OTP thing all over again omggggg somebody help me.

Then I started laughing to myself. Clearly I am a very deprived fangirl with an overactive imagination… And no for the last time I do not ship them and they are nothing like my Delena so shut up, brain. Just shut up.

Geraldine and I have been trying to do some detective work. Ok not really. But there’s this Twitter account @nypdm3 which supposedly stands for our school and course name, and we’re trying to guess who is it. Because it’s very queer:

  • Only one tweet on that account
  • Geraldine was the first person they followed
  • Followed by me AND my quote account????
  • Then followed by all the nyp accounts e.g. @nyptweets
  • Then followed by a few of the students in our course and year

It looks like Geraldine or me created the account. It’s not -_- we do not love our course that much! Make us look so loserish, create a useless account and follow ourselves LOL. They didn’t even follow all the students in our course and year. And my quote account – I haven’t mentioned it on @twiinklex for ages, how did they know about it? They forgot @Cherlynnxxx (fortunately)

Can’t even guess whether the person is from DA or DB. I don’t know a single person from the other class (maybe they know who I am like I know who they are but I have never spoken to any of them before lololol). But whoever it is, why did the not follow all the other students in our batch? Or at least Dian who is friends with Geraldine and whose account is public..? WEIRD.

Anw, Gerry and I were on the way home and then we started randomly guessing and we were like, “Imagine if it’s Gims. Or Ms Soo. Can imagine why” (for reasons I won’t go into but it’s more of inside jokes) hahahaha. Geez if any of my lecturers, in particular these 2, find my blog or Twitter I would die of embarrassment.

Random post is random.

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