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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Start of something new

How awfully cliche is my title? Clearly I have too much nonsense in my head but not enough useful inspiration. Anyway, gonna update about my new year aka the first day of 2012!! 😀 I will update about its eve, Christmas and its eve etc etc very soon!! I hope.

Was trying to think of something to do with mom. Actually wanted to go flea shopping (shop at flea, not shop for fleas – hahaha I am hilarious – this is a joke btw) but I don’t think there was the weekly Scape one, it being a public holiday at all. So we settled for going to the movies and bro wanted to come too! Did some research and decided to watch War Horse 😀

Good reviews + exciting trailer + it was 2.5 hours which means will be worth the money LOL
Dad drove us to Cineleisure and gave us money then went to work ^^

War Horse

9.5/10 stars because some parts are so realistic (which is supposed to be a good thing) that it made me cry because I don’t like seeing animals in pain and the front was a little draggy. I give 10/10 only to movies that I can watch countless times e.g. House Of Wax (though from a professional scale, people would definitely rate War Horse higher than House Of Wax).

Still, I love the storyline and horses and cast. Laughed and cried a lot. Really heartwarming. It is is films like these that make me feel more empathy for animals than humans. Sigh the horses’ friendship!! ❤ And when the original owner and the horse reunite T_T So yes, glad to have watched this movie in theatres :’)

Best Fries Forever

Shared this while waiting for dad to come pick us up! This is Friendly Fire 🙂 Really really goood I love their fries so much ❤ I’ve only had this and Wild Wild West before. I think I like this better, it’s spicy and sour mixed with the saltiness of the fries 😀

Dad came and we went to AMK for dinner then we stopped by Grandma’s house for awhile 🙂
Pretty simple day but I still love every moment of it! ❤❤❤

Oh and you know, when I reached the floor to buy the movie tickets, I heard The Hunger Games trailer playing and got sooo excited!! But it was at the end already (where they counted down the …3, 2, 1…) and I couldn’t locate the source of the sound so I didn’t get to see it at all 🙁 need to see the trailer on the big screen at least once before the movie!! T_T

War Horse is the only film I have seen in theatres this year so far -_-

Other films I’m anticpating to see in theatres: The Vow, The Amazing Spiderman, The Hunger Games plus there is a screening for Midnight In Paris (another 10/10 film) tomorrow and Wednesday at Cineleisure omg I was so excited when I first saw it. One slot per day only!!! Missed the official release last year; this time I’m dragging someone along to see it with me by hook or by crook.

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