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OTP: Oxymoronic Trashy Pairing

Exams are finally over!!! I don’t think I’ve ever studied so hard before, not even during Olevels?! Started writing notes one week in advance as compared to my 2-3 days prior because of the crazy 5 days in a row schedule -_- On the bright side, no need drag on! Really wanted to faint… a whole semester’s worth of work for 5 modules in 2 weeks!!! Why did I not pay attention in class or attempt my tutorials?

Surprise surprise but Business Law was more manageable than the other modules… I had the hardest time studying for MMR and Marketing. And I screwed up my BMMP and Marketing papers the most. Urgh which is unacceptable because for marketing John Ho gave us an exact list of topics to study and yet I didin’t even really finish the paper… bluergh whatever enough of exam talk!

Been lunching in school with the girls after every paper and there was one day, we were discussing shows and OTPs. Then we moved on to talk about our lecturers. Like how Gims and Billybong are our course managers but Billybong who is our PEM hardly even bothers about us. Seems like Ms Soo and Gims are always the ones in charge of stuff and they’re always together etc. Then I said something…

“Like OTP”

LOLWTF can I retract my words… I just meant it in the way that they are always together (no double meaning please) as compared to all the other lecturers. Not because I ship them or anything -_- which is just wrong!! Shipping is for fiction and celebrities only! Now whenever I think about OTPs, they will come to mind. Cue burst of laughter instead of fangirl giggling. Oh no.

There’s this fanfiction term; alternative universe meaning when one uses fictional characters that exist, in a storyline that doesn’t. For example, TVD’s alternative universe  can be that everyone is human. Or in Harry Potter, Hermoine x Draco as a ship doesn’t exist at all in the books & films but in fanfiction they do. In this case, it’s literally reality with real people we know but… HAHAHA ok enough.

Ah okay just a simple post for today.
I just wanna get this out and hopefully I’ll stop relating the term “OTP” to my lecturers lololol
Unreal reality… that’s an oxymoron right? Oxymoronic Trashy Pairing.

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