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OTP: Only Tears and Pain

Here lies my favourite Vampire Diaries general fanvid of all time (so far)… Basically sums up why I love the show so much and why it’s more than a show to me. Do you think it’s too much if I watch it once a day on average… no, really. I do. Maybe not daily but almost. And somedays I watch more than once so the average would be around one per day :X

The first ten-ish times or so I watched it, I cried {;_;}
Especially the second half!!! Ok you can say this is a fangirl post so prepare to be bored.

  • Courage — All of the characters have been through so much and some have lost so many people (Elena lost 5 family members and nearly lost another 2… just imagine). Everyday is a battle for them, including within themselves. Yet they persist on, continue to fight with chins up and stay strong to face what’s ahead.
  • Love — All the main ships were included and everyone just looked so happy…
  • Friendship — A pail for my creys please. Klaus & Stefan who go a long way back. Stefan was the one to tell Klaus all those nice things when even his own family shunned him and their flashbacks were just so good! Bonnie and Caroline and Elena; witch and vampire and human. And it’s just so nice seeing them there for each other. Bonnie’s hug made me feel so bad because she’s probably the most hated regular on the show (even I sometimes think I wouldn’t mind her dying.. ooops). Which is kinda unfair because she makes mistakes too, just like everyone, even the Salvatore brothers, but people only bears a grudge for her and forgot all about the sacrifices she has made especially when she was so ready to give up her life just to fight Klaus and save Elena. Lexi who constantly helps Stefan even after her death, Rose who saw through Damon and him being there for her when she was dying, going into her dream to drive away her fears and make her feel hope. She went in peace :’) Caroline and Stefan whose friendship is the most innocent and cutest thing ever it’s just as good as a legit ship. And don’t even get me started on Alaric and Damon asdfghjkly just look at Damon’s smirk in that scene ughhhh stop it you guys. Sometimes  I think they suit the term BFFs better than the 3 girls :’D like come on, this scene where Damon said to Ric, “Other than Elena, you’re pretty much the only one I trust”. OH GOD. It’s like everyone goes out of the way to help their friends and they stand by each other and they try so hard to protect one another even if it means giving up their lives.
  • Family — A tank for my creys. Gosh all the scenes used were the ones I cried hardest at {;_;} Anna & Pearl, Jeremy & Elena, Bonnie & Gramps. Ugh I can’t. I just can’t. This is probably the part in the video where I started legit bawling after tearing up from Friendship.
  • Bliss — I wonder how long it has been since I saw each character truly happy. Before Stefan went off the edge? Before the sacrifice which killed so many people? Before Klaus came to town? Before Katherine? Seeing them laugh and smile like that made me feel so bad for them. Come on! Most of them are still in high school! Yet they face things no one should have to face. Each and everyone deserves to be happy. SO MUCH.

… Ok I’m starting to think that maybe I need to control myself LOLJK

LOLJK meme

If you are into shows and shipping or are an average Tumblr user, you probably would know the term “OTP” which actually stands for “One True Pairing”. Like your favourite pairing in a show. Recently there’s been a Tumblr post going around that says OTP = Only Tears and Pain. Which I have to say is true to a certain extent.

It’s not easy being a fangirl ok!!! Especially when your ship is in a triangle. And involves 2 equally hot vampires. Who happen to be brothers. You have to deal with haters who constantly shit on the things you love, worry about how the triangle will work out without anyone getting hurt because you adore every character, wonder about the future they will have together, go through all the ups and downs with them, sob at how beautiful and perfect they are together, deal with being crushed all the time because when just when you think they are getting there, they go back to square one.

Which I can see happening on Friday’s new episode. Everyone gets invited to a dance. I love Mystic Falls events such as the Founder’s Day but dances have to be my absolute favourite. Stills have been released and to a Delena fan, they don’t look promising.

Vampire Diaries 3x14

  • Elena is sort of frowning at Damon in the 8th pic
  • She looks like she’s falling in love all over again with Stefan in the 9th
  • There is a spoiler than Damon hops into bed with a female vamp by the end of the ep
  • Everyone is guessing that it’s Rebekah
  • So something must have happened to make him so crushed
  • Ugh more here

Still I’m guessing we are getting a dance but I doubt it will top the epic Delena dance scene in 1×19 awhich has 2 million over views on Youtube currently. DEER LORD. Still my number one Delena scene after all this time! Have talked about it before here and here (video embedded in a more condensed version that I prefer, not the 2 million views one).

You know, I “officially” shipped Delena from 1×11 when Damon rescued her from the car accident and they became friends. In 1×17 I realised that he cared about her (ugh only Elena was still oblivious and kept insisting on tagging along, I think even Alaric sensed something), in 1×19 I knew I was doomed and on the path of no return because the dance really took my breath away till the point that it’s impossible not to ship them, in 1×20 I realised that he was in love with her when he confronted Isobel and in 1×22 she saved him… best season of buildups ever.

Then the shitting and crushing began.

In 2×01 Damon killed Jeremy (who didn’t die.) From 2×03 onwards, Elena started showing signs of Manipulative Bitch Who Uses Damon. Then their friendship started healing again and in 2×08 he confesses his unselfish love but makes her forget, which was fine except that before that scene, after fighting Elijah, his hopeful-to-crushed look was just so heartbreaking. Then in 2×12 (also one of the episodes I hate most) he was in his worst possible state because of Rose’s death. More signs of Manipulative Bitch in 2×13. In 2×18 I was anticipating their dance so much but turned out it lasted for like only 10 seconds and then she slaps him for nothing and apologises one minute later. Then in 2×20 he force feeds Elena his blood and in 2×22 the kiss happened in a way I didn’t really want!!!! More on why here which someone else answered and I agree with.

While I don’t hate the scene, I wasn’t squealing either. Sigh. When it comes to Delena, I will only accept epicness and nothing less, okay? I don’t see it as a pity kiss as I mentioned before but still…. I get that their relationship is supposed to be full of ups and downs but sometimes it really appears as if there downs far exceed the ups. How many times can our hearts be crushed.

It continues in Season 3.

In 3×02 signs of Manipulative Bitch surfaced again though the last scene in the bedroom was almost as spazz-worthy as the Mystic Falls dance. In 3×04 he gets shitted on once again by everyone, even Alaric and he shouts at Elena to stop trying to change him into Stefan which is true. The next few episodes were all fucking spazz-worthy though – 3×05, 3×06, 3×08, 3×09. And then another kiss in 3×10 which never gets probably addressed and which I felt indifferent to. I really prefer their dances than kisses. While I’m super excited for 3×14, I’m already prepared to get crushed all over again. It’s a love-hate thing.

So it’s not wrong to say OTP = Only Tears and Pain. Not at all.
But no matter what, you still continue to ship and support and cheer for them because that’s what it’s all about, you accompany them on their journey and you get so attached, it’s not about whether you want to ship them or not, but rather, you just can’t not ship them.

Don’t even get me started on why I ship them so hard and why I think they deserve each other. Shall save that for another day after exams 😀 I have so much to say about that, I think it could be a little book. Just see for yourselves here.

Damon Elena Dance

Do I love my OTP? Do you like breathing?
Why do you love them? Why do you need to eat and sleep?
Do I regret anything? Do your parents regret giving birth to you?

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