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Why it is best to never have classes

And my overactive brain + imagination.

We weren’t supposed to have classes till next week because of Open House the next 3 days but Gims just had to had a totally redundant makeup lecture today. Most antagonising one hour ever since my phone internet was down and he kept talking non-stop even though it was past 10am already -_- Everytime he went on to a new slide, I was like


Actually I kinda pitited him too because very little people turned up, let alone paid attention. When he asked for answers, silence fell upon the room for several awkward seconds… And then I started thinking rubbish like if there are any teachers that tell you to self-study and they give you free periods in class every week but in return, you are regularly tested. And what kind of system I would prefer (personally I prefer a sytem where we stay at home and do nothing) Etc etc love my brain sometimes.

Lol like this morning. Was travelling to school and usually if the trains are packed, I always stand near the door since I’m alighting after only one stop. This guy who wanted to alight at YCK too kept trying to push past me even before the train stopped. Omg be patient!! I obviously wanted to alight too otherwise why would I block the door!!! I tutted slightly at him before stalking out of the train. Then I had a tight grip on the escalator while descending because I had this thought that the guy might want to get back at me by pushing me down. Serious. I love my imagination sometimes.

Anw back to the main topic; my brain processing why we should just not have classes at all. 24-hour analysis!!!

  • Anything before noon is early
  • Plus noon is when the weather is hottest e.g. unfit for leaving house
  • Actually I don’t wake up until 3pm anyway
  • By the time I finish preparing for school it would be 5pm
  • 5pm = peak hour + crazy crowd so unfit for travelling
  • By the time peak hour ends at 8pm it would be too late for any class
  • 9pm onwards is me time aka blogging, fangirling, watching movies, giffing, etc
  • Plus majority of Singaporeans and places “shut down” by 10pm or 11pm latest
  • My Me Time is until 3am at least
  • I tuck myself into bed and have Mobile Me Time (e.g. viewing videos, reading fics) till 5am
  • Then it is time for me to sleep and the cycle repeats

disco meme

  • So many things to tumblr and blog
  • So many books and fics to read
  • So many films and shows to watch
  • So many gifs to photoshop and techniques to learn
  • So many games to play
  • Add in sleeping and eating and lazing around

Therefore I firmly support my stand of making the best use of time by not having to attend school whereby I learn ABSOLUTELY nothing and yet sacrifice sleep because I refuse to sacrifice Me Time. Or just once a week from 12-6pm or something to make sure everyone is on track. Don’t you think it is a waste of my already insufficient time, to replace sleeping with travelling to school & stoning in class. It would be a different story if the time I spend in school is actually productive…

herp memederp memeherp derp

While walking to class, my brain was also talking to itself a lot and then I told it to shut up (brain-talking-ception?) because it was too fast and chirpy for a body that is running on only 2 hours of sleep.


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