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Delcie’s delightful desserts

Late post again! Went to the official launch of Delcie’s Desserts first flagship store on 3 November and it was superb! This isn’t an advertorial but I think it’s worth blogging about. Om nom nom!

You know what’s so special about Delcie’s?
All their cakes and pastries are egg-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, trans-fat free, diabetic-friendly and baked using only organic ingredients. So anyone can consume them and the amazing thing is they taste just as good as regular cakes!!

Love the walls there

There was a dessert-tasting session whereby we could just nom freely ^^

Chocolate something

Chocolate chewy cookies!

And this is like my favourite out of everything on the table *_*

Super nice oh my goodness and I had quite a few, telling myself that it’s (a lot of things)-free so I remain guilt-free 😀

Had a demo session by Delcie herself afterwards!

She did it so fast and like a pro and we were all :O

Other cakes on display:

With Pam, who I went with 😀

With Jayne from Nuffnang!

Goodie bag for everyone 😀

Okay purpose of all these camwhoring is to show you all my necklace 😀 😀 😀
Darilene and Dian got it for me as a birthday present! Love it so much!! Especially since a TVD character wore it in Season 1!!!

My silver flats that I so dearly love…
Bought it at $22 which is a lot more than what I’m usually willing to pay for shoes aka nothing above $10 ($15 on a rare day) hehehe but I couldn’t tear my eyes off it! It was $27 but when I bargained the auntie said can give me $25 at most. Was looking at it wistfully and trying to make up my mind. I took so long to think that the auntie said, “Okay la $22, I want to close the shop already” muahahaha!!!! Hope these shoes last super long (they better do!) 😀 I love the color and the bows sooo much!

Anw, back to Delcie’s.
I find it pretty incredible how they managed to find an organic substitute for every ingredient that you’d usually find in cakes. And yet they turn out tasting just as good 😀 those interested, Delcie Desserts is located within walking distance from Kovan MRT:

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