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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

My lecturer is a teenage girl

#referencefromtheshow (3×08)

2 weeks back was telling the girls about wanting to sell away the 2 extra sets of DVDs I have, and they are currently retailing for $59.90, last time I checked. And marketing lecturer who-shall-not-be-named heard and asked… (rough convo)

JH: What’s $59.90? (eavesdropper much)
Me: DVD.
JH: What DVD? (busybody much)
Me: Vampire Diaries.
JH: Oh, Vampire Diaries.
Me: Do you watch?
JH: Ya – (smth smth, too excited to continue listening)
Me: *cue typical spazzing in reflex*
JH: (smth smth about being at Season 1 and the finale cliffhanger)
Me: What other shows do you watch?????
JH: Pretty Little Liars.
Me: …. *omg and cue inane giggling*

Okay I don’t watch any other show other than this one and only. When class ended I told him to please continue watching till Season 3 hahahaha. I saw him in a new light… until he said he didn’t like Harry Potter. Then last week…

JH: You all (to whole class) like Kpop right.
Me: That’s stereotyping.
JH: (something something…) Vampire Diaries?
Me: *starts cackling in horrendous uncontrollable laughter*

Sigh (in a happy way), this show ❤❤❤
Once I told someone to watch it and explained how it’s very different from Twilight. He couldn’t see the difference, didn’t see what’s wrong with Twilight, and didn’t want to watch the show. 3 strikes and you are out! Bye we can’t be friends. Lol. Meh.

Sigh I wish I updated this blog more frequently. It’s turning a year old soon you know! 🙂 24 hours a day is just not enough. I sacrifice sleeping time for school and for simple pleasures e.g. Tumblr because only these “pleasures” are able to keep me calm. Got a new phone (Android :D) weeks back and I only had time to download/organise apps yesterday. Kept me up till 5am hahaha.

Been photoshopping gifs from films and shows every now and then, make sure to check them out here!
Not exactly satisfactory but don’t they always say practice makes perfect? 🙂

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