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Food on the brain

fried chicken

What do you all think about most? Nowadays all I can think about is food wtf hahaha. And it was made worse by the above picture that I saw on my dashboard while on Tumblr ( 😀 also, there are loads of salad cream + mayonnaise (bottles of them) + leftover Macdonalds’ curry sauce that have been sitting on the kitchen table, seducing me. Everytime I see them, I think about all the KFC and MacDonalds that would go so well!!!

Is this normal… usually we hear about normal teenagers having “sex on the brain” or “boys on the brain” (actually both are book titles, Google it) and all that’s on my mind is when is it time to eat, when is the food ready, what to eat etc. I get irritated when teachers eat (pun unintended) into my break time and stuff like that -_-


Ohya was having a conversation whereby bro and I tried to tell mom about the recent curry sauce fiasco with MacDonalds. We were chipping in different stuff and yet not telling her straight up what actutally happened, and it was so funny!!!

“Something big happened in MacDonalds”
“Something super super big and tragic”
“Tragic until I don’t want eat Macs forever already”
“Yaaa will die one”
“I feel like my life is over”

And all sorts of exaggerated rubbish.

Mom: What thing??
Us: MacDonalds got no more curry sauce.

Hahahaha I am very affected by it okay :'( It’s always been my favourite sauce in Macs!! Wasn’t even that attached to the mayo because mayo can be found anywhere but their curry sauce just tastes so nice and special!!! I usually need at least 4, 5 packets when eating one meal 🙁 Which rumours are true anyway? Supply/stock issues, maggots, or the preservatives used are the same as what’s used to draw the white chalk on tennis courts???

Ugh I don’t really care though. I’ve been eating it for so long with nothing happening. All I want is my curry sauce back to go with my McSpicy. Until then, I’m not going to patronise Macs!!! Okay fine I had their fries today but that doesn’t count. OKAY?! Okay. #foreverdoublestandards

Anyway, I uploaded another crappy vlog 2 weeks ago. Watch it if you haven’t!

Went with Ling Yue on 30 October. So impromptu! She called me up on Sunday morning and asked if I was keen on going and I replied, “What time you wanna meet?” Wheee love it when everyone is so “on” 😀 Finally saw her after sooo long! Didn’t take photos because she had to rush elsewhere at around 5pm 🙁 but still, had loads of fun! And I love everything I bought soooo much 😀 basically we just spent hours at the flea and there wasn’t an awkward monent even once despite it having been so long :’) ❤

Lol I love how she goes to every store and digs through everything (y) You know all my items add up to $20+ only right, hers add up to $60+!! And another thing I love is that she’s one of the few people I go to with fashion advice (actually just her, Darilene and my mom) and sometimes I’m just so tired and warm, I stand aside and leave her to do the digging. If she finds something “me”, she’ll let me know 😀

When we were finally willing to leave, we went to the toilet (one cubicle together just like old times lololol) and tried on everything we bought!! Everything fits ^^ Went to nomz noodles after that and went home ♡

Visited the flea again the weeks after with the babies where I bought more stuff so expect another vlog! Plus I am waiting for 3 batches of online shopping to arrive so maybe there will be another vlog hahaha. Omg can’t wait for everything to arrive seriously. My money…. but it’s so worth it and I REGRET NOTHING. I think I’ll just cash out all my online earnings at the end of November to make up for everything I’ve spent… It’s nearly end of year anyway, time to settle all my accounts!

3 batches of shopping + 3 cheques = EXCITEMENT!!!!

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