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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

It’s 3.37am

And I just finished working on 2 articles for an assignment due Monday.
I have 3 more articles to go, and there is a total of 10 articles for me and Dian to put together, in the layout of an actual newspaper. We are going to use InDesign; a software that we are both dummies at.

Remind me why this is my life and when I signed up for it.
Best thing is I have an 8am class tomorrow which I have only successfully managed to attend… twice. Don’t even have a new TVD episode to look forward to because the show is on a hiatus. Again.

Also I have so much pent up frustration but I’m just gonna shut up and let it go. Plus once I start, I can’t stop. I know I complain a lot but it’s my way of preserving any last ounce of my sanity. I know I am irritating but you can just unfollow me on Twitter or stop reading my blog.

What I don’t get is when I publicly express my feelings (including complaining), people are not happy with me, they think I’m whiny and annoying. When I stay silent, I get the short end of the stick and people end up walking all over me. I complain a lot but at least I am responsible enough to complete work on time and properly. It’s the people who are the most quiet that you should be careful of, don’t you think so? At least when I complain, you know what I’m thinking. It’s always the quiet ones who act nice and end up striking you one stab the back. Just saying. That’s all. Not referring to anyone in particular so don’t bother second guessing. I’m talking about life in general and my class is the best example. Agree? I’m sure many of you definitely experienced this before.

Will complain in detail when I have time lol.
I like being in a mood, swearing more than average complaining when I am upset so deal with it.
Good night / morning / bye.

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