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Up a cinderella destination

15 October (Saturday)

Went to Darilene’s house with Geraldine and Dian for a movie marathon ^^ We watched UpFinal Destination 4A Cinderella Story! (my title lol) 😀 three different genres so it was perfect. Darilene’s mom ordered pizza for us before leaving the house! My first time watching Up but I missed quite a bit of it because Darilene was helping me paint my nails teehee.


[x] Need to watch this again, properly this time!!

Cinderella StoryCinderella StoryCinderella StoryCinderella Story

[x] This will never get old LOL, one of my all-time favourite films!

You know what the magical thing was? The day before we were confirming plans and we talked about ordering in Macs. I actually had a craving for pizza so I was about to jokingly type “Let’s order pizza and kfc and….” but I couldn’t think of anything else that would make it seem like a joke (I did want pizza tho! LOL) so I didn’t say anything. Plus pizza is costly.

Then on Saturday itself Darilene told us about her mom ordering pizza for us and I was like !!!! and told them what I was actually thinking. Then Gerry said she’d thought about pizza too (her favourite) and had even tried to work out the cost. LOLLLLL can you believe it :’D

I loveee the hugeass couch (one side is like a bed!) at her house!
4 of us hogging the bed and television for the whole day in more than one way, as you’ll see later 😉

Sigh so comfortable.

Tagged as “Darilene’s boyfriend”

Tagged as “Geraldine’s 238674865th boyfriend”

I was blowing my nose -_-

Wanted to take a pic of me with my new nails but I wasn’t ready in the first pic (eww lol)
Actually both quite eww-ish to me but for the humour value…

Love my nails so much!! Other than them being a bit too long for my liking (made me look like a demon in the above pic -_-) but that was because we were planning to do a French manicure initially and tips were needed. Last minute change 🙂

I love this color so much! Can’t really tell from photos but it’s like the sparkly night sky and matches very well with my blog’s background 😀 and the coat of glitter at the tips are like stars!! I like to think that I dipped my hands into the starry night sky 😀

The art of planking

LOL love this pic 😛

My camera focused on the fluff from the cloth it was on instead!!

Fail at trying to take a natural, serene-looking pic of self against the serene night setting.

Had such a lovely day 🙂 I have so many happy days with these girls that I’m running out of adjectives to describe each day when I tweet and blog. Also right now, outings with them are my favourite thing to blog about. Because it makes me happy!! Hope we have time for another marathon soon. We even decided on the movies already! 😀

Also, I am trying to get back in the mood of regular updating. Been absorbed in making gifs on Photoshop, setting up my new TVD blog, school + mental distress and the usual. Oh and I have another crappy (haha) vlog coming soon!! Xx.

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