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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I deserve at least 8 more diplomas

Didn’t go for 8am class today because I was too lazy. Went for Marketing though (only turned up at all because I wanted to have lunch with the girls, tbh) and John Ho was long-winded as usual and I started being whiny again -_- ugh! Who spends 30 minutes talking about so-called admin stuff anyway? Sigh plus I get that he cares about our grades and wants to make sure we completely understand the content which is why he kept repeating himself but it doesn’t make a difference because I’m not even listening to begin with.

So much for a”short” tutorial. His definition of that = he will release us on time instead of dragging it after 12 noon. It’s the last lesson of the week and everyone (me, anyway) is restless but he just refuses to end class. And I am not a patient person. I can watch TVD thrice in 2 hours y’know?!

Oh. I am whining again.

Well anyway, what better way to shut up and be non-whiny than food?!
Sooo happy when class ended because I was freaking hungry and to put it bluntly, I came to school just to eat with my friends. Woohoo who knew that South Canteen has such awesome laksa?!?! $3 for a large serving of noodles + prawns + tau pok + fish cake + egg + chicken meat!!! 😀 also had tako balls and green milk tea after that!! ❤❤❤

Don’t understand how people can hate food or not eat.
I find myself being able to sympathise with all sorts of people except a) animal abusers b) people with eating disorders. I know the latter can’t help it otherwise it wouldn’t be called a medical condition but still. Feel a bit disgusted with all the thinspo blogs on Tumblr but each to his own, I guess.

Food is king and food is everything. ♔♥ I sound like a pig but I regret nothing.
Ate so much this week though. All the cakes, ice cream, buffet and awesomeness. Too good to pass up on.

The other time I posted pictures of food (the Ministry of Steak one) and one of my friends saw and incredulously asked if I could eat that much because it seemed like a big portion. BITCH PLEASE (don’t mean it in a mean or insulting way, I like that friend!! It’s a Tumblr phrase) I FINISHED EVERYTHING. Only my family and vvv close friends have witnessed my hearty appetite which also means that I’m vvv comfortable with you and I love you even more if you share my love for food ♡♡♡ 🙂

Anyway, remember my Harajuku Street Style advert?
Their facebook page shared my blog post on their wall today! I feel so honoured yet unworthy at the same time. Because I’m so not proud of that mediocre entry and its even crappier pictures.

Also few days back, this semi-popular TVD blog on Tumblr asked a question regarding some unexplained detail in the show. I randomly answered (wild guess) and she wrote back personally in my inbox to say thank you and called me a “genius” (in caps somemore!!) which made me ridiculously happy. And then she posted another entry on her blog mentioning me and my answer and I was beaming with pride lol wtf 😀 not to mention it gave me a few new followers, hehehe.

I feel so undeserving and yet undeniably happy.
Love all these small things that just make my day :’)

Today I was wondering what would be of me and my life if I had never watched TVD. What kind of meaningless life would that be? At the start I wasn’t in the least addicted at all and I even stopped watching after like 5 episodes. Wonder what happened in the middle. I spammed 20 episodes in 2 days and I only stopped because there were no new episodes. Geez… life without passion is not life at all.

It’s a pity that none of my passions or the things I daresay that I’m good at will get me very far in life though, realistically speaking. If someone/somewhere offered diplomas for the following, I would never have to worry about my future ever again –

  1. Diploma in eating
  2. Diploma in whining
  3. Diploma in procrastination
  4. Diploma in stalking and spazzing
  5. Diploma in being spoilt and a constant pain
  6. Diploma in The Vampire Diaries (majoring in Delena)
  7. Diploma in writing about my life that nobody cares about
  8. Diploma in staying up unreasonably late and complaining about
    being unreasonably exhausted

None of which are even legit -_-

P/S: I don’t think I’m good at blogging/writing so not gonna add them into the list. Maybe just above average at best. I would say sleeping because I love sleeping except that it’s at the wrong timings.

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