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Harajuku Street Style launch party

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Went for the Harajuku Street Style launch party at Orchard TANGS last Friday (7 October)! Quite a big-scale event and it features 15 different fashion labels (some of which have never been seen before in Singapore) from Japan such as Ray Cassin, Urban Research,WEGO and DripDrops!

Okay actually I’ve had quite a rough day and was feeling down, and things didn’t improve at the event either (more on why later). So I wasn’t very hardworking when it came to taking photos 🙁 Anyway, I wasn’t tall enough nor was my camera “pro” enough to get good shots so… nevermind. Didn’t even camwhore once. Please bear with me okay T_T

Large crowd even before the event commenced!

Some have even made their purchases already!
There was a 10% off all items that day 🙂

Utt as the host 🙂

Rei Shito (Japanese fashion blogger) and James Bent (street fashion photographer) as guest stars!

Then we had two fashion shows where models strutted down the walkway to the stage, clad in harajuku-style fashion!

As the finale, we had bloggers like Bongqiuqiu, Typicalben, Xiaxue and Cheesie as the models!

Anyway, one thing I liked was that the whole time, there would be staff walking around and carrying trays of food and drinks. Anyone could just feel free to take whatever they want!! 😀 The one in the picture is cucumber + green tea cocktail. I had choya, Japanese beer, fruit punch, and sprite too LOL so that makes five different drinks. Felt a bit funny afterwards sooo… not a good idea.

Little pastries!! So cute right? Got a lot more!!
Like spoonfuls of prawns, soba noodles in a cup and sticks of meat 😀

In love with all the shoes there!!! *_*

All so pretty right!!!! Sigh… each pair costs more than $200 🙁
I have to think for ages before buying any shoes that cost $20 y’know…

Got a $20 voucher for being one of the first 100 to be there haha
If anyone wants it, just let me know and I’ll give it to you 🙂

One reason why I say my day sucked was because I reached the venue super early (too early – like 5.45pm and it starts at 6.30pm) and so I just stood at a spot waiting for the event to start and for the Nuffnangers to arrive so that I could take attendance. By the time I realised you had to go downstairs to join the queue, there was already quite a crowd. And then I found out that the first 10 to arrive get a $100 voucher. Wtf :'( $20 can’t buy me anything there but $100 can you know?!

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