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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

It’s like a dream

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Irrelevant gif I need on my blog simply because it’s so freaking cute
Even though I don’t even know what show/film/cartoon it’s from

  1. For once I’d planned my outfit and ironed it so no last minute rushing & changing
  2. I didn’t feel like a bloody whale at all like I tend to, instead maybe even a little… confident
  3. Nobody asked stuff like, “Why you wear so nice today?” aka questions I’d prefer you not ask
  4. Not that I mind but they are pretty pointless – sometimes I just feel like dressing properly
  5. Surprisingly good hair day even though I have no idea where my comb vanished to
  6. Walked into Chong’s lecture 30 mins late and he didn’t do/say anything (keep it that way ok)
  7. Billybong’s tutorial wasn’t boring and he released us nearly an hour earlier
  8. Overseas exchange student from Netherlands was friendly unlike Frenchies in the past
  9. She smiled at me the moment I sat down at our table
  10. When I spoke to her, she introduced herself and shook all of our hands
  11. I did not groan or make whiny noises when Billybong gave us group work
  12. Usually I sit there and stone till the lesson is over but today I did the most work
  13. And I didn’t even mind one bit, which is unlike the easily-pissed-off and slacker me
  14. Usually the more people in a group, the lazier I am but there were 6 of us
  15. When we presented, nothing happened – no difficult questions etc
  16. So basically no shit from anyone at all the whole day
  17. Dian told me she gets very excited whenever I have a new blog post
  18. Darilene says she clicks on the link instantly whenever I tweet about a new blog post
  19. Marketing ICA1 groupings out – Dian + Darilene in a group, me + Gerry in another
  20. Just nice and I can’t believe my luck because this almost never happens to me
  21. On my way home and even my TVD playlist was cooperative
  22. Playing all my favourite songs so I don’t have to “next, next, next…”
  23. Was contemplating whether to go Yishun buy curry puffs or Khatib buy bubble tea
  24. It was very hot and I was lazy to walk so I stuck with the former
  25. When I got home, my mom was already halfway through her rose syrup
  26. But she was hungry which means I made the correct decision
  27. I did not piss anyone off and no one pissed me off the whole day

Wooo just nice 27 points and I swear it wasn’t planned or on purpose! Today has been sooo wonderful that it feels like a dream that I might wake up from anytime soon. Hope the rest of the week stays awesome!!! Oh and I have caught the Mrs Lerman Or Die Virus aka the FanFiction Virus

Also, the girls made me laugh so hard today after class ended till I felt tears in my eyes. Was talking about how Gerry, Darilene and I are always being bitchy while Dian usually just listens and laughs. But when Dian says something bitchy, it is priceless and (Y)-er than all 3 of us combined. Hahahahaha gosh I love them.

Likewise, Darilene and I were saying how lazy we were to go home in such weather while Dian stays at Tampines but didn’t even make noise. Then I realised that actually, out of everyone in class, I think I stay the nearest to school (?) and yet I make the biggest fuss and whine the most HEHEHE. And I don’t even work unlike some of my classmates who travel here and there.

Omg my personality is really… bleurgh. How do I even have friends??? Okay I am quite sickening actually right. Especially when I am not a happy bunny. I lash out at everyone and everything 🙁 Eeek sometimes I really hate that side of me. Must learn to manage my anger better and develop patience!! Aka one virtue I totally lack. But nevermind, I’m trying. Everyone is beautifully flawed (that’s what they say, though I see nothing beautiful about me cursing and swearing) and we are all works-in-progress 🙂

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