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Faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust

Bits and pieces of photos with the girls!!!

Went karaoke with Gerry and Darilene on 8 September (wheee I am so efficient) 😀 way overdue plan!! We’ve been wanting to go since forever but the place is quite inaccessible (very cheap though – $8/person from anytime till 8pm + 1 free drink!) 😀

Had a super fun time!! Sang for more than 5 hours hahaha. And when we left the place, I think our playlist still had 10+ pages of songs to go lololol. Because we just picked whatever song we felt like listening to, not just singing, and that is… a lot. So nostalgic :’) especially the chinese songs!!


Dinner!!!! 😀
Actually no idea why I put the photos together this way. Looked through them again and they look so gooood that only a normal-sized photo of each one justifies their yumminess 😀

1. Darilene’s chicken + sausage combo w/ sauteed potatoes & brocolli

2. My chicken + fish combo w/ sauteed potatoes & coleslaw
All of which was awesomeeee but the fish and chicken very oily… love the sides though.
Most places have crap coleslaw but this was good!

3. Geraldine’s chicken + sausage combo w/ coleslaw & potato salad
Don’t think she liked the potato salad very much because it was sour O_O

Went all the way to Changi Airport with Gerry, Darilene and Dian on 29 September lololol. All we did was sit down, eat and chat 😀 Gerry lives in CCK… In the end she was 2 hours late HAHA. And guess what we ended up eating there?? MACDONALDS!! Hahaha is it weird that I love it when we do silly things like this?! I said that since we have gone all the way to Marina Bay (last time) and Changi just to eat Macdonalds, next time it will be Jurong muahaha 😀

Anyway, took some photos on the train!!
Walao this bangala kept staring at us until we were super pissed and Gerry flashed her middle finger if I remember correctly hahaha damn funny. Then when we were about to alight this group of old cheena guys kept looking at us also. Mind your own business bitches!!!! Totally blaming the lack of photos on these people. Not even one camwhore shot of meeeeee!

Well anywayz

FTS you can see my freaking eyebags in every picture 🙁
But I just can’t freaking sleep at night

Using the same trick again 😀
If you are a regular reader, you’d get what I mean hehehe

Love it when the lighting is good 🙂

More pictures with these babies to come! (2 more sets :D)
The only reason why school is worth going.
Love them so much xoxo ❤❤❤

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