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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Sunshine after the rain

29 August, Monday

  • Went to try buffalo wings with David and Cheemun
  • Ordered half a dozen of level 10
  • And I’m ashamed to say it made me tear
  • I had to stop awhile between each wing
  • The spiciness gets more and more intense with each bite
  • But it was really really nice and shiok!! 😀
  • That was at like 6pm
  • Had McSpicy at around 11pm
  • Those were the only 2 things I ate the whole day
  • When I got home at close to 2am my stomach felt like it was on flames omg

FFFFUUUU now David keeps everyone we meet that I ate chicken wings till I cried!! -_- We went to watch Cars 2 at night with 3 others and he told everyone like it was some narrative. And then last week he met the girls and he told them too!! :@ need to think of something to humiliate him back next time.

Anyway, Cars 2 was surprisingly better than I’d expected. Don’t really like watching animated films in theatres unless it’s really good but it turned out okay.

30 August, Tuesday

  • Kite-flying at Marina Barrage with Ronald
  • Was drizzling a teeny bit and it was quite crowded
  • Our kite dropped into the sea and got all wet 🙁
  • But then it started raining heavily right after anyway
  • Feels like I walked the whole of Marina Bay that day

The one with the long tail is ours! So difficult to fly.

When we were going home, he didn’t want to tell me how to walk to the MRT and told me to just choose whichever direction I think is right and just walk. And every single time I choose wrongly wtf LOL really direction idiot!!! Anw I had to keep telling myself it was good exercise -_- and in the end we walked to Tanjong Pagar MRT because I refused to choose anymore hahaha.

31 August, Wednesday

Hmm not much except that I woke up early to accompany my grandmother to the hospital and slept all the way home in my dad’s taxi. Actually we stopped off somewhere before going home because my parents needed to go get something but I was so sleepy I refused to get off the taxi. Made my dad leave the engine and aircon on for me muahaha. Ugh I can’t seem to keep normal, human hours!!!!

Anyway, my grandma has been having kidney stones or something but now (as in mid Semptember), the stones have been passed out from her body so she is fine again 😀 no need to go back every week to the hospital already and she’s like super happy LOL and so are we. Also, my uncle just recently found out that his wife is expecting a boy which makes my grandmother even happier. Good things come in pairs 🙂

1 September, Thursday

2 September, Friday

Met up with Wanyu, Amos, Danial and Yixuan. So good to see them as a group again because it’s SO HARD to find a day where everyone is free! Like once in a blue moon hahaha 😀 went to Marina Barrage to have a picnic because…

LOL in a group chat deciding what to do
And so rare everyone is online omg

Went to get chips and takeaway KFC at Yishun then went all the way to Marina Barrage to eat them muahaha. I still remember that it was McDonalds last time with the girls! 😀 but it was really hot and there was construction work at all the pavilions so there wasn’t really a good spot that day 🙁 Played cards awhile, napped, and then ran off with Yixuan into an air-conditioned place for the rest of the time we were there 😀

Anyway it was a really awesome week mainly because I caught up with so many people that I haven’t talked to in such a long time. The last time I saw David and Ronald was in Sec 2 which is like almost 5 years ago??!?! They graduated and seemed busy with other stuff so I didn’t talk to them very much even though I was quite close friends with them at that time.

And Wanyu!!! Feels so good to see her again… the last time I did was December 2010 I think? Sigh used to sit with her during most of our classes GOOD TIMES OK. Now I just hope I can see You You and Ling Yue aka the best best best friends in the world soon ♡♡♡♡ I hate this Alevels shit even though I am not taking it 🙁

Well, everyone seems to be doing well and I’m happy for them. Even my own life seems to be picking up again… finally! After that stupid depressed phase where everything seemed to be going wrong and I was seriously feeling like the utter shit. School killing me + self-esteem issues (even though nothing provoked it) + suddenly miss a lot of people. So it seems like someone actually heard my prayers/cries/whatever you call it for which I’m thankful for 🙂 pleaseeeee let this continue.

Anyway, thank you so much everyone who’s been concerned about me. I even had a few classmates coming up to ask if I was okay, haha. Surprised! Because we aren’t a very close-knit class. Still, it’s nice knowing that people care 🙂 Especially those who always listen to me talk rubbish on msn/text/whatsapp and/or bother to check my blog to see how I’m getting on. Love you all!!

Yessss life is good and will only get better 🙂 ❤
Saturday and Sunday will be up in a separate entry with photos!

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