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Can’t think of a title at all so

1 August (Monday)

Photos from when I went to watch DH2 with the babies for the second time! It was the last week of school before exams, and right after JW ICA4 presentation. Class ended at noon!

Love this photo even though it’s blurry 🙂

Someone isn’t ready hahahaha

“I look better on that side”
“I think I look better on the other side also”
*********** lazy to move ***********
“We try twisting our faces the other way”

Us with our babies! 😉
“Tom and Gerry” hahahaha awwww
Mine a bit fail. I don’t have a proper photo of Ian in my phone at all.

Taken with Gerry’s iPhone!

All 3 of us trying to squeeze and fit into the screen hahahaha 😀

Minus the complete group pics, this is the only one that I think I look decent in -_-

Seriously think this is the crappiest I’ve looked all year :<

Lol I look like I just stepped out of a Japanese horror film in the first pic.

Can’t wait to go out with the babies again 🙂
2 months of holidays woohoo!

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