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I am a prick

Okay quickie before I go to bed.
Last day of school tomorrow if you don’t count exams so yay.

Anyway I think I’m seriously a prick sometimes hahaha. I’m making Dian bring her PR book tomorrow so that I can fill in all the blanks. No not that I was absent but I never paid attention in any of the lectures sooo… anw thanks The Ant!!

Okay hope my talent shows up tomorrow for filming otherwise my group members will never forgive me and I’ll never forgive him. Hahaha okay but he’s not that kind of person. Kind of sucks that nobody else is willing to skip school for me, like what for I know so many people and yet nobody can help me when I need them.

I just hope everything runs smoothly cos we didn’t get much chance to practice. Sigh and I got like a freaking 10.5/20 for the written test which defeats the point of getting an A in the first ICA boohoooo I got only one mark for the script part and yeah up till now I still have no idea how to do the script. Not that I care because I never liked Multicam and DFVP. Though I guess this is a lot better than the time I got 5/25 for the latter.

I can’t believe I have to go back to school on a freaking Saturday for freaking Entrepreneurship.
First world pains!!!!

You have no idea how excited I am to clear out texts, emails and school folders in my laptop where Multicam and Entre is concerned 😀 shan’t even think about how the heck I’m going to pass PR and MPM when I never paid attention during lectures and tutorials. As for IMM it’s always very superficial and theory-ish and straightforward plus we had a test for half the content before so I’m not as worried but still. Can totally see myself flipping notes one day before each exam -_-

But heck ahhhhh whatever, point is after Saturday it will be like 2 whole months of not having to interact with the pretentious people in my class so yeahhh. Bye and I hope you guys have a nice holiday yeah love you all too!!!!

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