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Being human is too complicated

16 July (Saturday)

Went to take some photos at ION Orchard with Darilene for our JW articles on GSS. Nothing much, we spent most of time sitting down and eating and talking ‘cos we were both at the stage of feeling worthless and shitty. And we didn’t even buy anything except food and drinks!! That’s a first :3

My cappuccino and her mango smoothie :3
Both very nice but then I felt a bit sick halfway through my drink. Not because it sucks, more like it’s super rich and sweet hehehe. Not that I mind.


I realised that we are both masters of bullshitting because we didn’t interview anyone at all (and we needed 4 people per article LOL) but on presentation day we were all blahblahblah and tackling the Q&A #likeaboss 😀

Went to my grandma’s house after that!!
Loadsssss of foooood, peopleeee and fuuuun wheeee.

Sigh I took a whole load of camwhore shots and I edited all of them but now I don’t even feel like poasting them here. Here’s one set though, I drew in everything except the bunny ears. I know, they don’t even match. Being human is sooo hard. Wish I was a cat meowmeow.

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