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Green Ryan

Arloooo just a short entry while waiting for YouTube to upload my less-than-2-minute-but-taking-6-hours-to-upload video wtf. Went to watch The Green Lantern with the babies on 16 June!!! 🙂

Gerry and I were queuing to redeem free drinks and then there was this group of teens in front of us. 2 girls were tossing popcorn about and trying to catch it in their mouths but failing miserably. Making loads of noise, holding up the queue, and wasting my time in addition.

Then they spilled 2 whole boxes of their popcorns over the place. Now they are wasting even more time, wasting food and giving the cleaner more work to do and blah. Stupid teenage girls doing stupid things to attract attention. I was gloating in glee when they spilt their popcorns but the counter guy refilled one box for them I think.

The Green Lantern

The movie was good but I think the fighting battle scene could have been betterrr
Another movie that I don’t regret watching in theatres ^^

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan is so good-looking and hot!!!!!!!!
Gerry keeps squealing, very cute!!! 😀

Ryan Reynolds gif

But don’t worry Gerry, he’s yours 😉

Ryan Reynolds

Love the wall 😀

Not a very good day for photos, I was too bothered about my fringe which was in bad need of trimming

Gerry and Lerman dressed very prettily that day but not sure if I should post here (‘cos nobody seemed to be having a good-day-to-take-pictures) so you can view the rest of the pictures on Facebook :3

<img src=””>

rainbow bracelet

Bought this bracelet at one of the shops at Cine ^^
Hard a hard time deciding between 3 bead sizes, in the end I took the medium one!

Heeee I love it 😀

Went to 313 Somerset where I bought 2 tops and FEP where I bought the pink polka dot skirt-pants that I wore to school yesterday. Wheee damn happy with my purchases and I didn’t splurge anyhow! Thank goodness for Darilene who was is my fashion consultant and gives fab advice on how I can wear each item and also why I shouldn’t buy something.

Necklace I was wearing :3

Speaking of Ryan, I heard that nigahiga is no longer the top YouTuber /creys

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