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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

I’m a mouse, duh!

I'm a mouse duh

One week has flown by so quickly, again.
Hmmm haven’t been in a very good psychological state hence the lack of updates. Gonna just sum up the past week before all of these gets too outdated and remain in my drafts forever 😛

Monday (27 June)

Week started off pretty good, actually.
Ms Ang gave us back grades for 3 ICAs.

Very relevant. In my case it was a pen instead and it belonged to Darilene, not me XD

Got a B for the police report shit but that’s okay because I wasn’t paying attention as usual when we did an exercise to practice the week before. Then a 38/50 which is a B+ for another. Kinda angry at myself because 2 marks more and it’s an A but I lost the stupid 2 marks here –

No one got an A for this ICA
I was sooooo close :((((

In the afternoon she gave us back the grades for another module, it’s all theory and memorising.

Happy x938758621930237856!
I wrote notes and all so at least my effort isn’t in vain ^^
Was quite incredulous at first. And Ms Ang’s expression while giving back our papers never ever gives away anything. It’s always neutral so the moment when she calls out your admin number to the moment you take your paper is always scary!!

Anyway, this is the skirt (folded in half) I was talking about in my previous poast. It’s pants inside but looks like a skirt outside… what do you call it? Really like it ❤ ^^

Just can’t seem to stand properly to take a picture of the skirt in its full glory :/
Don’t know where to put my hands also. Awkward.

Mas asked if the top and bottom are a set together but actually I bought separately on different occasions. I even have a matching bag and shoes (all pink with polka dots) but I thought it would be too much hehehe 😀 and the shoes are the infamous one which I fell down the stairs in.

Mark said I looked like Minnie Mouse hence the inspiration for the title 😀

Been exploring the many functions of Photoscape and I used all the pictures you see above to make this! Very happy with the result ^^

Had a guest lecture after school which was just bloody waste of time. The speaker was sooo touchy wtf Mas dropped her Macbook and he went all sarcastic. I looked out of the window and watched the clouds moving half the time. That was how boring he was. Don’t understand why some people insist on droning on and on when nobody is interested in listening to them.

Main reason why I was so fidgety and anxious for the lecture to end….
Had a date with my mom and cousin at the salon to dye hair!!! :)))

Love the result!!!! I had copper red blonde, mom had dark brown and Jamie had intensive purple. It’s about $21/person but they have a 20% on weekends so it’s only $17! Which is cheaper than when I usually buy the dye myself to DIY wtf. I totally love the washing hair part. The aunty who did my hair help me massage and scratch my scalp until very shiok *_*

Unedited ❤❤❤

Tuesday (28/6)

Tried to vlog on my webcam when I reached home. I made 30 attempts, only 3 were complete ones whereby I actually spoke to the end, and all were out of sync!! WHY HUH :(((( anyway it’s pretty lame and the only thing I liked about the video is my hair -_- voice and face all so crappy. How it got 4 likes is beyond me. But thankyou :’)

All I need is a pink polka dots bow and we can be friends! 😉

Trying to make the photo look nostalgic and full of sentimental value buahahaha

Wednesday (29/6)

Not much except that there was a one-hour lecture which I had planned on going but got locked in at home. By the time I reached school there was only 10 minutes left into the lesson so I didn’t bother :< Created something awesome with the girls tho >:D

Thursday (30/6)

Nothing special… went to the library after school to borrow books and got mom to paint my nails at night 😀

My top 3 favourite colors!!
Most things I own are in these colors 😀

Friday (1/7)

Studio cancelled = no need wait long pants + school starts 2 hours later 😀 😀 😀
We watched everyone’s production for Multicam ICA1 and also got back our grades. Not everyone in the group will get the same grade due to peer evaluation but my whole group got an A!!!!!!! :))))))))

Seriously unexpected!!! I was so happy ^^
Not a secret that I’m not adept when it comes to practical work like this.
Wheeee anyway thank you talents and groupmates :3

Saturday (2/7)

Helped Ze Huan to edit his NYAA report and even did 6 song reviews for him. Wtf so far the report is 16k words long and it’s not even finished. Anyway he treated me dinner for my help and we ate at Astons ^^

Guess that’s all for these week.
May the next few days all be awesome 🙂
One last photo to sum up this poast…

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