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Day 7 – Hottest moment of any episode

Not very sure what you mean by “hottest moment” but I’ll just go for something simple because I am lazy.

By The Light Of The Moon (2×11)

Scene where Stefan is trapped in the tomb with Katherine and she enters his dream… everything’s just fantasy though part of me wished it real because

  • Delena will then happen
  • Gosh she is so hot and sexy, no?
  • Stefan and Katherine belong together

I ship these 2 together… Seeing how Stefan used to be a “monster” and Katherine is not any better. Plus I believe Kat’s love for him is real and at one point, he loved her too. Sigh I know Katherine compelled Stefan whereas Damon didn’t need to be compelled at all but whatever!!!

Is it okay if I say I love how slutty this vampire is? <3

On a side note, I hate how some of the fans on Tumblr can only think about sex. Manips of Delena sex scenes and erotic fanfics, manips of the Salvatore brothers comparing penis sizes, obsession with seeing Damon naked (someone wrote, “That awkward moment when you finally see Damon naked in the shower but the camera doesn’t pan far down (to his penis) enough” sigh wtf y u all so dirty?

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