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Day 6 – Favourite episode


Without a doubt. Masquerade was epic.

It was a wonderful episode in every single way. Dressing-wise, everyone looked fantastic in their respective tuxedos, gowns and masks, especially Katherine! Queen of Style, Elegance and Sophistication as usual. So many wonderfully witty and memorable lines in this episode too!

Then there was the plan to kill Katherine by Team Badass, consisting of Damon, Stefan, Bonnie, Caroline, Alaric and Jeremy. God I freaking love them so much! Everyone kicked ass and shone so bright that night.

Especially Caroline, who said she can’t believe she did it (trapping Katherine) but she did! Aww so cute, Vampire Barbie. She really has grown a lot more mature and stronger (both emotionally and physically, haha) from the first episode.

Then there was Bonnie and her witchy cousin that Katherine brought along. There was twist at the end involving the witchy cousin and I have a feeling she’ll be back! Did you see how cool she was at the end of the episode where she had a conversation with Bonnie, then sashayed off with her long hair into the night?! Wow.

Not forgetting the awesome Salvatore brothers in the room with Katherine. Loads of action and we got a lot of the answers we wanted, like why Katherine was here and why she wanted the moonstone. Plus I found their conversation super cute and funny! Especially this, which I’ve already talked about previously 😀

Oh, Damon ♡♡♡

This episode was also where Tyler triggered his curse. There were so many twists and turns and I was so scared that he really might kill Matt! The whole time I was on the edge of my seat going, “Omgomgomg”. Thank goodness for Caroline.

Another tense moment was how Katherine linked herself to Elena. Meaning they can’t hurt Katherine with Elena (LOL @ Kat who goes, “Let’s all make sure that poooor Elena is okay.”) But anyway there was a twist and I loved it 🙂

Aimee Annoying Bradley and her Stupid Sara died, and I was glad. Very glad, actually. Yay! I couldn’t stand those noisy bitches. Gtfo and Matt belongs to Vampire Barbie ♡ Katherine was soooo badass and cool and quick! Breaking stupid Aimee’s spine twice woohoo (Y)

Basically one of the main reasons why I loved this episode so much was because everyone worked together to bring down Katherine. Even Bonnie, who usually hates vampires and doesn’t condone them killing. Jeremy, who put down his differences with Damon. Alaric, a seemingly normal human and History teacher, but who gave them all their wooden weapons. Etc etc etc.

Oh and of course, no annoying characters that we all hate with a vengeance such as Jules and John Gilbert appeared in the episode at all, let alone to wreck havoc and spoil things!

And at the end where Damon was locking Katherine the tomb, the latter was babbling, “You don’t understand. Elena is the doppelganger. Why do you think I haven’t killed her? She needs to be protected.” or something like that and Damon goes…

Then I’ll protect her.

Tell me, how can only other episode surpass all of these? ❤

P/S: I was so obviously spazzing when I wrote this post.

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