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Day 29 – Favourite dead character


I fell in love with her immediately with this girl! I dig her style and and the way she crept up on Stefan at the start of the episode xD I am sure everyone loved her just like I did. Lexi was sooo cute and I love her long blonde hair too! The way she talked to Damon, you know she could be badass when she wanted to.

Not forgetting how she talked to Elena and helped bring Stelena back together. She was also the one who helped Stefan through his dark times when he first turned, the one who made Stefan smile and laugh. I really loved the fact the she was the kind of girl who knew how to have fun. There is just something about Lexi that I can’t put my thumb on.

I wish we had explored deeper into her, her past and her boyfriend D:
And it sucked that they killed her off after only one episode.


Unlike Lexi whom I fell immediately in love with, I didn’t like Anna at all when she first appeared. She was pushy and annoying and scheming, and I wished she would just go away.

But then as the show slowly progressed, I grew to like her more. She was the only one I approved of with Jeremy. I don’t ship Vicki or Bonnie with Jeremy at all. Up to now, I still think Anna was the best for him.

There is just something special about the relationship and friendship – something that Bonnie and Vicki do not have. Come on, the whole thing happened so quickly with Bonnie, plus the progress of their relationship was more of implied than shown, until later when they kissed. And with Vicki, it was just of a feel-forever-alone-let’s-get-high-together-thing.

They cannot compare to what Jeremy shared with Anna. They just couldn’t. There were there for each other, and they had loads of heart-to-heart sessions and you could see Anna genuinely liked him, and wasn’t making use of him.

I was sooo sad when she died because Jeremy is back to being Forever Alone and she was trying to save him from the impending vampire attack, but instead got captured and staked wtffff :’(

Why is it that these people whom I adore so much are always the one getting the short end of the stick? None of them deserved to die!!!! While idiots like Jules and John Gilbert are still alive?

So I opened up questions for this post on Tumblr, asking who were people’s favourite characters and this is the result…

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