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Day 28 – Most annoying character


John Gilbert

Admit it – no one can beat him in terms of being annoying.

  1. He cannot be trusted.
  2. He is a vampire hater.
  3. He is nothing but trouble.
  4. He tried to kill Damon by hiding info about the dagger.
  5. He drove a wedge between Jenna and Alaric.
  6. He blackmailed Alaric for the ring.
  7. He staked Pearl and Harper.
  8. What he did on Founder’s Day with the device.
  9. That led to Mayor Lockwood, Anna and a lot of others dying.
  10. Damon nearly died too.
  11. He just won’t die or leave town.
  12. Even after Damon & Katherine both tried to kill him before.
  13. He doesn’t care about hurting his own daughter.
  14. He is ugly.

I hate Jules, but even she doesn’t annoy me the way John does.
Though I’m starting to like him after that little bonding scene with Elena in Know Thy Enemy -_- …

P/S: I skipped Day 26 and Day 27 because they were repetitive as “Favourite male character” and “Favourite female character”, which you can see in Day 1 and Day 2.

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