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Day 16 – A character you can relate to

Caroline Forbes

I can relate to Damon and Caroline most in the show but I shall do the girl since I’m one 😀

Over the many episodes, we have all seen how much Caroline has changed for the better, into someone independent and strong (both literally and figuratively). Her tendency to be insecure and nuerotic has improved a lot too.

At the start, I really disliked her because she seemed like the typical airhead who goes for practically every guy and is jealous of even her best friend. Yet I can understand why she behaves this way and how she feels like she is never the top choice when put together with Elena and how not a single person in the world loves her.

These are feelings I am sure we encounter in our daily lives pretty often.
Because vampire or not, she is still after all, just a teenage girl.

And as a vampire, she has to go through even more shit than she already does. It’s like her whole world changed overnight, just when her life just started to improve, just when she started to find happiness with Matt. She has to make the painful decision of breaking up with him so as to protect him.

Even as a vampire, she is still the person she is. In Masquerade, we can see how happy and incredulous she was when she managed to trap Katherine. Which just goes to show that at first she wasn’t sure she could do it, she has very little self-confidence.

I may not be a vampire but as a teenage girl, I can totally relate to the things Caroline goes through. I love her so much as a character now especially after all the things she has been through. Life did not become easy for her after turning into a vampire. If anything, it became worse. What with Matt and Tyler and her mom etc.

She has grown up a lot, and she’s coping great as a vampire, and I want her to see her get the happiness she deserves.

Caroline: I’m not girly little Caroline anymore. I can handle myself.

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