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Day 15 – Favourite kiss

No real kiss between Delena yet so I’ll go for this!

I think they are awfully sweet together and I totally went awww at this scene! It touched me so deeply I nearly cried. How she mustered up the courage to go up and sing in front of so many people just for him, to tell him how she feels, and how he went up, kissed her and did the whole flipping over thing or whatever you call it.

And if you actually watched the show, you would know the kind of person Caroline is. Insecure, caring, etc etc. So I really admired her for her gesture towards Matt in this scene. The song she sang (Eternal Flame) described their relationship and her feelings so perfectly, oh gosh.

Do you feel my heart beating, do you understand?
Do you feel the same, am I only dreaming?

Says a lot for their relationship (not an easy one) and how they feel towards each other. They had so many issues. Like how when Caroline finally put down her insecurity and jealousy, she was killed and turned into a vampire. And after so much struggling and coming to terms/coping with her new self, Matt finds out the truth in the worst way possible.

It’s like they are back to worse than square one.
I just wish Matt would come round everything and accept her already.
I like you, you like me. Let’s get together.
It’s as simple as that, no need to complicate matters 🙁

Though after the dumb thing Matt did, I am not very sure I can forgive him. I thought he would be able to understand but he didn’t. What he did was utterly stupid and impulsive and just as bad as Tyler standing there, doing nothing to help when Caroline was tortured by Jules and Brady.

The reason I ship Maroline over Forwood is because of the journey.
I nearly switched allegiance after the last episode -_-

Still hope that he can accept her and they’ll be happy <3

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