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Day 13 – Favourite Katherine moment


When Katherine (who is smiling) has a flashback of the past whereby she has to leave, but not before turning back to see Stefan again. Breathe Again by Sara Bareilles starts playing in the background which I thought described the scene very well. Full scene here.

It showed us another side of Katherine who still feels and this was the scene that made me believe that her love for Stefan was real. Even though she went back to kiss him and totally heck cares about Damon T^T but it’s okay because Damon is mine.

No doubt that she is selfish, can not be trusted and only cares about herself (but not without reason), but at one point, she really did love Stefan. (Though I am not very sure about now…) You can pretend and fake anything in the world except feelings. No one to put up a show for in this scene anyway.

I love you Stefan. We will be together again. I promise.


Paralysed from the waist down… and dead!

Another top favourite which I have mentioned many times before :3 Full scene here.
So swift and cool! Kat certainly doesn’t do beating around the bush! One of the many reasons I love this evil vampire slut. Admit it, you don’t like Aimee Annoying Bradley either right? 😉 She deserved to have her spine broken twice for hitting on Vampire Barbie’s Matt!

Damn that girl is badass.

The House Guest (2×16)

Another favourite scene of her is with Damon and they are slapping each other hands like kids! SUPER CUTE RIGHT HEHEHE. I tried to count… Think it was a total of 4 slaps including the first one by Damon when she tried to touch the book.

DDGAF = Damon doesn’t give a fuck

In the same episode, Kat was being all slutty and trying to seduce him but failed. She was all sexy-like and said so much but all Damon did was shove her away and said, “Katherine, there are 6 other bedrooms in this house. Go find one.” LOL you have no idea how proud I am of you, baby! :’) Full scene here.

And how did the poast become about Damon… teehee 😀

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