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Day 12 – A scene that had made you cry

Damon stakes Rose

This whole scene was super creative – how they combined 2 sub-scenes together; this meadow one and the actual real life one. I think it was mainly what made the whole scene effective and really sad. Everything just fit perfectly. Happy dream and tragic reality. I can’t even begin to describe how (can’t even find a suitable word) everything is.

I was like OMG NO WAY but then realised that Rose was truly gonna get staked and die. Teared up at the part where they started counting one, two… *stake right through her heart* and then Damon starts crying {;_;}

It really sad, even though I wasn’t particularly fond of Rose, but she didn’t deserve to suffer like that and die. I hope they talk and reveal more about the effect of a wolf bite on vampires though. Like maybe a twist or something?? Ohwell.

Other scenes that made me tear up –

  1. When Bonnie’s grandma died
  2. When Damon tells Elena he loves her, cries, and makes her forget

That’s all I remember.
Gonna cry even more in the upcoming episodes because loads of people are gonna die, with 3 of them being major {;_;}

But it’s Thursday = new episode in America = I can watch it tomorrow!
Getting down on Friday. FUN FUN FUN FUN we so excited!

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