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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

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Finished organising, editing and uploading photos for events that have taken place in the past week. One that’s filled with loads of fun, laughter, joy and happiness 🙂 hopefully I’ll get down to blogging about everything in the next few days.

I suppose most of you must be bored with just seeing the TVD challenge entries. Some of you probably read the original versions on my Tumblr already… in exactly 30 days because I never missed a single day and if I did, I made sure to post twice the following day. Not like now.

Also I finished rewatching The Dragon Heroes few days back. Happy ending but as usual I feel damn sad just like everytime I finish a good book or show. That bittersweet feeling that sometimes gets so intense that I start tearing. Imagine when The Vampire Diaries actually end……

I get way too attached to fictional characters. Whether they are good or evil, I get attached and feel damn sad when they die! ______ died in the latest episode of TVD and I was like :((((( and horrors, I am even starting to like John wtf. I believe that everyone has redeeming qualities in them ultimately, even if they claim not to… Everyone also has a weakness. Definitely.

New timetable is out!
Nothing worth mentioning except that it’s loads better than last sem so ktnxbai.

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