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Stupid videos should be banned

2 videos I’m referring to in particular – Plastic Bottle Heartbreak and Justin Bieber Should Have Won. I won’t embed them because I do not want such trash and filth to be on my blog.

Rant on Plastic Bottle Heartbreak

  • It looks staged and so fake. The video starts the moment the girl in blue walks up. She hasn’t even spoken. How did you know what was going to happen? Unless the cameraman is a psycho who goes round filming random people, hoping to catch something interesting. Or even better, he’s psychic!
  • Either the cameraman hid himself at a very good spot (unlikely), he was very subtle in filming (unlikely) or the 3 people in the video are cock-eyed. Especially at the end where the girl in blue cried, facing the camera. Cannot see yourself getting filmed meh?
  • She walks away calmly after few seconds of sobbing and destroys the whole mood and makes everything even more fake.
  • Wow good audio. Very good, in fact.
  • So professional, even made the effort to censor F-word.
  • Isn’t it ironic that there was a big poster of plastic bottles on the right? LOL
  • Girl with red hair doesn’t question boyfriend at all but stumbles over her lines conversing with woman in blue instead. So calm that her boyfriend is a two-timer. Maybe she wanted to save face in public first but everything in the video just looks too fake.
  • Gosh shut up about the plastic bottle. So noble, care more about environment than your relationship.
  • I read through the comments and it’s like a war about Singapore’s rotten English and racial/cultural stuff like that.
  • The focus isn’t even about two-timing, from the above 2 points.

I found the video via a random person’s tweet to Xiaxue (I am a stalker) and at that time it only had 30k+ views I think? Now 750k+ already wtf -_-

I wouldn’t have said anything about it at all but then suddenly all my “friends” were sharing it on Facebook! Open and close quotation marks because I don’t see them as friends at all hahaha. The number of people I see as proper friends can count finish using my fingers and toes 🙂

Anyway, they were all like, “Aww so sad!” that kind of shit, like they really believed it. Which pisses me off. Human stupidity never fails to piss me off. Just like the stupidity displayed in the video, assuming it were real.

Stupid woman causing a scene in public and embarrassing herself. In that 2.5 minutes, she single-handedly destroyed every shred of dignity left in her. Catching your boyfriend cheat on you should have dealt your dignity a blow already. And then you go on to destroy every ounce of dignity left in you. Fucking stupid or what. Both women are stupid lah, screaming at each other in public. And the guy just kept quiet throughout until the end.

If it were me, I would spy on them and question him privately another day, see how he wiggle out of his lies! And then dump him in fashion! Not cause a scene in public and embarrass yourself, aiyo.

Rant on Justin Bieber should have won

Gosh need I say more? She is a lunatic through and through. The stupidity of some people have no boundaries, really. Grow up seriously. Someone commented “Filthy muggle” (@Lord_Voldemort7 tweeted about the video) HAHAHA.

The idiotic bitch in the video said something like we won’t be seeing her anymore (who the fuck wants to, anyway??) and I think she meant she’s getting off YouTube or something. Did she directly mention suicide? Not sure and don’t care

Though suicide is a good option, come to think of it… For someone whose life is obviously all about stupid bloody Bieber. Some people should be permanently banned from the Internet. People like her.

Anyway, speaking about Bieber, I didn’t use to think much of him at all (neutral) but now I really think he is some stupid ignorant and fame-hungry kid. After reading this and this.

And I discovered this today while trying to do research and getting my facts right before I blog this entry!

Sigh, sometimes I really feel sad for what our generation is coming to. Some things like Justin Bieber and Twilight should have never existed. I don’t even wanna get started on Twilight and Stephenie Meyer… Why the fuck are they in my generation. It’s so insulting.

You can say I have no compassion or sympathy after reading my thoughts about these 2 videos, but I don’t really care. Stupid idiots don’t deserve my compassion. Actually I find it hard just showing compassion towards any humans because we are all such sinful and evil creatures.

At least I have views, opinions and stand for something.
Even if they are things that don’t matter to you. Like good and bad typography.
It matters to me, me, me and that’s enough because it’s my life and I am the one living it.

If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. – Alexander Hamilton

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  • Amen to that but lets widen it a little bit and say stupid people should be banned i say lets remove warning labels off obvios dangerous things and let natural selection run its course 🙂

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