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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Love me or hate me, you’ll enjoy this (special edition)

Or maybe not.

If you love me, you’ll be able to eyefeast on some eye candy (HAHA yeah right I crack myself up).
If you hate me, then this makes good insult-able material.

Pardon the ugly white corners because I took and edited the photos a long time ago for my old blog when the background was white! Taken with my phone camera before I turned in for the night hence the poor quality.

twiinklexPhoto too boring?
Add clip-art to spice things up!

twiinklexBad skin?
Change lighting/contrast and make your face damn white and bright…

twiinklexBig fugly nose?
Put a fake one on so everyone will think you’re just being funny and no one will think you are ugly.

twiinklexExpression fail and make you look like some hideous freak instead?
Add negative effect for same reason as above.

twiinklexWant your eyes to appear black and big, your hair to appear black and thick?
Check “dilate”!

twiinklexHugging my precious big white sheep

twiinklexWant your face to appear glowy and smooth?
Check “bloom”!

twiinklexEverything nice except face?
Use something else as focus and cut off your face as seen in many Tumblr photography blogs.

twiinklexFace too fat?
Use something cover your cheeks e.g. hair and toys

twiinklexYou are just plain fat?
Puff up your cheeks and “act fat” to trick people that you’re just playing around but not actually fat.

twiinklexFace is beyond hopeless/fat/hideous and no cure?
Cover it with something nicer.


Okay can’t think of anymore. When I first took these photos, it was only because I felt like I was having a good hair night and thought it would be a pity to ruin it by going straight to sleep. So whilst camwhoring, the idea of blogging about ‘the timeline of I’m-about-to-sleep’ popped into my head.

But now I’m actually finally blogging these pictures, I thought doing “Photoscape tips” might be fun! Hahaha. Now back to the initial plan…

twiinklexLooking like a complete retard with this shiny face and my hair spread out.

twiinklexAbout to sleep… what are you looking at?

twiinklexIt would be nice if we could all sleep like a pig and still look chio.

twiinklexZzz… conking out zzz….
Why… are… you… still… here… ZZZ…

twiinklexZZZ… MMM… ZZMMMZZZ…

twiinklexKnocked out.

The Photoscape tips are done from a fun angle, not professional. As I have mentioned, it is impromptu so while the captions say one thing, the photos themselves might not contain said effect and such.

For example, the bloom and dilate functions do exist but I didn’t use those effects in the photos at all. They won’t work well under such lighting! Also, I don’t have bad skin and fugly nose ok!!!!

Well I think everyone has moved on to Photoshop anyway. Only noobs like me still using Photoscape 😛
Still I hope you enjoyed this poast!

Last fun tip: Use a lousy camera so that the low resolution won’t highlight all your flaws!!! HAHAHA

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