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Cracking condoms & cutting class

This poast is meant solely just for laughs.

Shadowed leap

Why I skipped Finance lecture last Tuesday

  • No difference whether I go or not
  • Don’t understand anything at all
  • Because even if I try to listen, I switch off after awhile
  • And end up sleeping or playing Scoops
  • Or yakking away about Tumblr with Dian
  • Plus I have “crackin” “classmates” who give away condoms (see below)
  • So why bother

Cherlynn sleepingCaught red-handed by the girls!
Using my bag as a cover.

So for ICA1 we were supposed to do Show and Tell for a Finance topic. Paired with Geraldine and all we did was a Powerpoint with scenario-questions while classmates did such mind-blowing roleplay and stuff. Feel like I fucked up so bad. Especially when Ms Wong raised doubts about our scenarios.

So in this module class, we have 3 seniors who are repeat students. During their presentation, they assured whoever answered their questions correctly prizes we were bound to like (“especially the guys”, that’s what they said) .

According to reliable sources, the prizes turned out to be condoms. Wooot. Not even a box. Just one single condom. Seriously?

And I say “crackin” because one of them is this guy who keeps wearing stupid pants that exposes his butt crack to the rest of the class. He is usually late so he is left with the vacant front seats. And he flashes his butt crack to the rest of us behind him.

Class arrangementThis is the usual seating arrangement for Finance tutorial.
Sorry for the ugliness but please understand it’s 4.04am as I type away.
Zoom in your page if you cannot see.

So yeah… my girls and I get a pretty (pun definitely not intended because it’s not a pretty sight) good view of his long-gao (“drain” in hokkien).
Quite disturbing, really.

Especially at how he is forever pulling up his pants i.e. he knows he is the source of our giggling so why doesn’t he just change his pants!!!

Why I skipped Ms Ang’ tutorial last Friday

  • Dubious and rancid smell lingering in tutorial room that day, forcing me out
  • Anw did not do my homework on Google’s finance (again???) management
  • I am hungry and I wanna go for lunch
  • It is just Ms Ang
  • It is only one hour
  • Azhar’s class at 4pm cancelled so can go home early
  • Why not go home even earlier
  • As you can see, it is so boring and insignificant that I cannot even remember the module name

Mmm k Finance again tomorrow. And then all the class jokes will start again:

“What’s cracking?”
“Stop cracking such jokes!”
“You crack me up!”

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