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Most interesting April’s Fool


Ohnoes!!! April = school starting soon. YUCKS and SHIT.
Anyway today is quite… happening I would say? Mainly –

  1. I killed my first adult cockroach
  2. I fooled three people all at once
  3. Movie marathon with my 4 girls!

This morning around 4am I was lying down in the living room with the lights switched off, rewatching a drama from few years back. Suddenly felt a ticklish feeling on my right and I knew got cockroach creeping already! FUCK!!!! That feeling omg. Then I saw it, jumped up and freaked out.

Here’s a really bad drawing to illustrate my fierce battle with the cockroach –

I put down my laptop (I always lie down with it on my stomach which is why I say I’ll probably get cancer in the future) and tried to get up. Placed my left hand on the floor to hoist myself up and because I am this very lucky person… my hand happened to land on the same spot where the cockroach happened to be at the same time :)))))))

YAY…. Fuck.

Maybe it is a blessing in disguise because the cockroach got injured and couldn’t move. But it wasn’t dead. Usually cockroaches scurry away mad fast once discovered right? So I took a phone book (about same thickness as my Sec 4 pure Science textbook) that was lying nearby and which seemed like the most suitable weapon at that time and…

  • Squashed the already half-dead cockroach with the book
  • Punched the book several times
  • Wrote a note that says a cockroach is underneath the book
  • Left the note on top of the book to alert early riser (i.e. everyone else in the family)

FFFFUUUU I felt like my hand will never be clean again. So truamatised that I immediately went to scrub my hands with soap. Switched off everything (even though I haven’t watched finish) and sought refuge on my bed.

Death is the price you will pay for disturbing me when I am doing something enjoyable :>

So I killed my first adult cockroach with my bare hands. Literally. Usually I flee upon sight of one but special circumstances call for special measures. Guess I should pick on someone of my own size but then again I am not the once with 6 hairy limbs and a black crispy body and a pair of creepy feelers.

When I woke up the book was still there. My brother had scrawled nonsense like “EEEEEEEE!” all over the note though. Mom cleared the carcass and book away when she returned from the market. She also called me a pest for giving her extra work to do. Then she made me wipe the cockroach juice (and ants that had been snacking on the carcass) with a wet rag.

What an exciting morning it has been.
When I woke up I also KIKed the girls and lied that I can’t make it for the movie marathon. Teeheheheheeee.

Guinea pig

Mimi’s fur suddenly appeared very spiky like she styled her own hair while we weren’t looking. Can’t really tell in the photos though. Wanted her to bend down to make the spiky fur more clear so that I can take a photo, but she ended up looking up and posing for the camera instead 😀

Guinea pig

If cockroaches looked remotely like this, nobody would wanna kill them at all.

Went back to school in the afternoon to meet the girls for a movie marathon! Very economical activity. Worth our school fees too because we hogged the Media Viewing Room in the library for hours. Smuggled in our own DVDs though. Big television, air-con and cushioned seats 🙂

Watched 2 of mine and Gerry’s all-time favourite movies…. I can’t believe we love the same films!!!!! <3 We kind of coaxed Dian and Darilene into watching both films because they don’t like horror but the rest of us are like ardent fans of the genre hahaha 8)

I HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT THAT I AM THE ONLY PSYCHO WHO LOVE THIS FILM SO MUCH… I have probably watched this more than 20 times but I honestly don’t think I’ll ever tire of it…

And this is really a perfect movie. Everyone loved it 🙂
My fifth time watching it and this time I’m gonna count every time I watch it lol.

WE LOVE NICKS ^^ and please go away if you haven’t watched both movies because you won’t understand what I meant.


Love you all so much and yay we have ticked off another item on our to-do-together list! 😀


Also today my mom couldn’t manage to print something and I helped her with it when I got home. She said, “What am I going to do without my buddie?” and also gave me a pat on the head. This is vair childish but

Shed A Tear

Can’t stop listening to this.
I love all of them especially my Ryan ❤❤❤

Finance test today was bleak even though I really tried my best and sort-of knew how to do, after Gerry/Muz/Mark taught me last week. Financial statements crap where you can’t even get one answer wrong otherwise everything else will be wrong too…

Sigh. Why am I so dumb. Why am I not good at anything. Other than slacking, procrastinating and wasting time, what else do I know how to do? Huh huh huh? No talents to speak of, not academically brilliant, not filthy rich or drop dead gorgeous…

Look at this triangle I have drawn —


In life today, you must shine brighter than average in at least one of this areas to get somewhere.
If you can only pick one, which one would you choose?
Brains would be my last option, lol.

Having the urge to pig out especially on comfort foods like ice cream and chocolate. Right now I’m actually picking out all the chocolates with raisins inside from a whole bottle of assorted ones. Me like raisins 8)

Still f*cking sad over something…… school and other small stuffs are just what making me feel worse but not the main cause. The main cause is so much more important to me than school lah please.

When will this feeling pass?
When the stupid problem is gone.
And it doesn’t look short term /////////