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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

An embarrassment a day

… makes me very suay {;_;}

Few weeks back, one suay/embarrassing thing happened to me everyday!!! Well, Monday to Thursday anyway. I believe school jinxed me because Friday was a holiday and nothing happened. Ditto weekends.


Got caught playing Bejeweled Blitz in class as mentioned in an earlier poast.


Was at some stall and this really pretty shiny silvery belt caught my eye.

twiinklex™Behind the ribbon accessory are 2 latches on each side to hook the belt. One is permanently glued, the other is for you to hook and unhook.


My first time seeing such a unique belt and so pretty too, so I wanted to try it on to see if it fits. I put it round my waist halfway only, the ribbon dropped out!!! -_-

Wanted to Fuck Everything And Run, but unsure if the store owner got see T^T And it costs $10! I really wanted to zao, but she like keep looking at me because there weren’t any other customers?!

So in the end I decided to just buy it. Asked if it’s possible to put the ribbon back at the cashier. She said, “Broken already. Take new one give you.”

And that’s how I got a new belt ._. Silver! So I don’t really mind. Mom said it’s pretty too, hehehe. LOL PHEWWWW! 😀


School ended early, bored and don’t feel like going home so soon! Went on a shopping spree at Bugis and I bought a lot of things omg -_- 2 bags, 2 pairs of shoes and some other stuff.

People shot me bizarre looks like I’m some depressed girl who just got dumped and going on a crazy shopping spree, while salespersons seemed extra keen to attend to me D:

But I had a good time actually. Some alone time and retail therapy was just what I needed Could take my time without worrying about holding other people up etc.


Spent over an hour in Rubi Shoes just sitting in a corner and trying on these; deciding between 2 sizes and 4 colors. Nearly bought all 4 pairs but I snapped out of my craziness just in time. Sale items; only $7.50 each!

Based on the experience I had with my silver-colored pair, this kind of shoes wear & tear easily. When I first bought it @ $12.50, it was so shiny and sparkly but by the time I threw it out, the color faded to white already -_-

Lol anw, took just the red and light pink.



Wore the pink pair to school and it snapped on my way home omg &^%$#@!?

twiinklex™Had to use Darilene’s scissors to snip off the strap that snapped T_T


This is the consequence of being a cheapstake but nevermind. I love discounts, offers, sale items, promotions and cheap stuff. Not sure if it’s a good thing that my shoe size is common though, because it’s hard to find a perfect fit, especially if it’s sale item!

Manszx… half my woes stem from shoes. They either choose the perfect moment to spoil or they kill my feet. But I still insist on wearing it. Pretty shoes first, pain is secondary. Anw it gets better after awhile.

twiinklex™Like this pair!
Was a bit tight but I just had to make it mine because it’s so cheap and pretty ❤❤❤

I feel like Cinderella’s stepsister who die die must squeeze into the shoe. Only one step away from chopping off my ankle or whatever it was that she did. Hah.

So anyway few days ago before this day, I’d already bought 3 pairs of shoes. That makes 5 pairs of shoes in less than 1 week (Y) -_-

twiinklex™This is one of the 3 pairs.
Dad and Darilene said it’s nice!! 😀

K both pairs the pictures don’t do them justice… both $9.90 only ^^!!
Super worth it. I love picking up nice stuff that are worth more than they cost.

That feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction… is one of a kind. A feeling which you can’t get from making a regular purchase. Nevermind if you don’t understand. You just need to experience it yourself.

Yeah maybe in terms of quality they lose out a bit, but I care more about the appearance and price. After all, who’s gonna look down at your feet and scrutinise what your shoes are made of? Leather? Crocodile skin?

Rather have many pairs of cheap, nice shoes than one pair of high-quality shoes!!!

Ok what am I doing, ranting about shoes at 2.30am.
Started this poast long ago but I guess I never finished it until now because I got stuck at “Wednesday” trying to figure out what the suay incident was.

Mmm kinda lengthy poast but who cares? I have a thing for details. Main reason why I like going into excruciating detail about my day is for the future when I am old and forgetful and curious about how my life used to be. Would be nice to stroll down memory lane and reminisce.

So actually I’m more of blogging for myself and if you don’t like my blogging style, too bad.

Urgh asdfhjkl school later wtf //
Waste time again.

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