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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Sunny skies and stormy seas

ShipThere are big ships and small ships.  But the best ship of all is friendship.
— Unknown

Went to town with Darilene and Geraldine last Thursday 😀 actually supposed to be 5 of us but Dian and JuJu couldn’t make it, huhuhu T^T nvm next time!!

Ate, shopped, did our nails, watched Inception, etc.
K shall let the pictures do the talking even though I look @?#$^&! and don’t know what happen to both my camera + editing skills these days… Tres tres horrible :<

Not that I’m photogenic or my skills were great to begin with but all recent photos are just so unsatisfactory! But anw…

rainbowloveee™See what I mean -_-
Blurred, and I forgot about my rainbow sheep watermark too.


Wtf is wrong with me, I now then notice where my rainbow sheep run to -_- !!
And I don’t look radiant at all…

We were saying Gerry looks like a ballerina 😀



We both took so many shots but not happy with all lah!






Do you all think I have ballooned?
I think got lor T^T and this is from one week ago… now even worse, lol.

Fffff what happen to me, not even middle aged yet and I already let myself go. Noooo how can. But so lazy -_-

Went to do our nails at Far East Plaza.
The shop Darilene wanted to bring us to was closed so we made do with another.

I did a French manicure and normal pedicure, both express kind meaning the cut/file/polish the nails and everything. Cost me $25 in total.
Not cheap and not worth it, especially since skills and service all suck!!! The manicurists weren’t exactly pleasant people.

rainbowloveee™See the blemish on my pinky finger?

See all the horrible creases?
Wtf lor, immediately after the polish dried then all these lines started appearing. What is this.


Pedicure was no better. I don’t like the color I chose!!! Don’t suit me 🙁

So many different colors to choose from. Damn stressful because they keep asking me to hurry up and choose. Zzz I normally have difficulty choosing between 2 things, now got hundreds leh.

Silvery pink… supposedly a mix of 2 favourite colors of mine but…

Gerry did apple green on her fingernails which she pulled off well! Every color seems to look good on her. Darry did toes and she hated hers too.

We were both saying we prefer what we do ourselves -_- I’d rather just apply silver like last time on my own k! I don’t mind paying more if the end result is good but this kind of service and skill is just not worth my $25 pleaseee.

I camwhored ten over shots to show my new nails but all look like crap and I deleted everything except these 2:

Still, my nails aren’t noticeable so… fail.

These are my new specs by the way.
My pink specs broke a week before its one year old birthday.

Late for our movie and we missed the first 15 minutes or so of Inception 🙁
Felt really bored during the first half of the movie but at least it picked up during the second half. I like Arthur ^^

Quite nice actually and I like the storyline, but I’ve never felt so mindfucked before :O It’s also very thought-provoking. Oh and I love the dark psychology element 😀

Time flew by so fast… I am the one who spent the most again! Yay I love the Cotton On warehouse 😀 oh and I did something very stupid too.

Bought a pair of slippers at New Look –

rainbowloveee™Simple and chic!


rainbowloveee™SEE THE PROBLEM???!
Left slipper and right slipper different sizes but my feet are of the same size! How to wear you tell me??!

This is the result of being picky and wanting both slippers to be as flawless as possible. I swapped here and there among various pairs, and didn’t notice I matched wrong size T^T

Waste money again, sigh. I threw the receipt away already so shan’t bother going back Orchard to exchange. Ain’t gonna wear it because it looks weird. I am planning on chucking it out into the garbage LOL.

Anybody wants it for free? If not, I am gonna throw away already.
Brand new leh!! From New Look some more!!! Just feel free to let me know if you’re interested.

Well, had a brilliant time with my girls

Hope next time all 5 of us go out together!!

Oh and noticed a very slight and tiny change in my blog? Other than this poast is in Georgia font.

rainbowloveee™The symbol at the header!

It used to be a fat black heart but I’ve decided to change it to this outlined star. Mainly because I wanna leave the black heart symbol exclusively for Dear Love,™ 😀 Plus I realised this star actually goes with the colorful icon on the left.

So from now on, it’s will be ⚝ Le Rainbowerista™ and ❤ Dear Love,™ ok! 😀

And for reading till the end, I shall let you in on a not-so-secret secret! >:D
Have decided on the 27th of this month to launch Dear Love,™ on Tumblr, stayed tuned!!!

This poast took me almost 3 hours siah.

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