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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

It's a pig's life

Really, I’m not in the blogging mood these days! When I am in the mood, I am too lazy and I go to sleep instead 😀 well, just some updates about what’s been going on.

Been napping all my afternoons away! ._.
Even though I always only plan to rest and close my eyes for awhile, I end up dozing off for hours. And I know that I will fall asleep too, the moment I lie on my bed, but I still keep saying, “Rest awhile only.”

And you know, once I fall into a slumber, I will not want to wake up. In between the intervals I wake up, I check out all my usual sites on my mobile and go back to sleep after a few minutes.

Seriously love to loll about in my bed ooooh
Love the smell, love the comfort, love everything!

Sleep eat sleep eat, I am about to become a pig, like what he and my mom keeps calling me. Iz depressing seeing myself get rounder and rounder each day; body, face and all T^T !!

I don’t even remember when was the last time I did any real exercise anymore, pffttt -_- Does shopping count? I doubt so.

Plus.. I cannot stop eating! Especially nowadays, having so many bizarre food cravings. Bleh. Neverminddddd, I don’t wanna torture myself by not eating. Life is too short not to enjoy! 😀

I shall eat and sleep until nobody wants me T^T
Lol kidding. I wish I can eat without growing fat.

Treated my family to KFC just now!!! 😀 $33.30, heh.

But nevermind, feel so happy seeing everyone else happy.
Not that we aren’t usually happy… but you get the idea.

Cut my hair today btw, just a little. Don’t like it. Don’t like the service too. Whatever. It’ll grow out. It’ll grow back.

Late nights as usual.
I love late nights. What’s wrong with late nights?

This is such a garbage poast, you just wasted your time here today.
I shall try poasting something more worthy tomorrow.
Big emphasis on try.

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