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Being early for class gets you into trouble too

What your heart tells you

I ish amazing. Slept at only 6am+ due to insomnia. But I woke up on time at 10.30am and was on time for school. Wow I can’t believe it too.

Watched the Romeo + Juliet movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio during CTS tutorial. I watched before, but the subtitles were always in Chinese. Today was in English so I finally could catch every line properly 😀

Most of the girls were gushing over Leonardo but I was admiring the olden English spoken. Sounds so niceeee. How did my husband manage to write oh-so-beautifully?!

Mark Juan smsed Hariz, “Hi dear” using my phone -_- I knew he was doing something stupid but he deleted what he sent. It was Hariz who told me.

Then Mark started exclaiming, “Wa scandal scandal!” etc but all we did was shoot him blank, raised-eyebrows looks.


He’s so irritating!!!
Always anyhow take unglam shots of me with his stupid webcam also  –



All so ugly ugly ugly!!

I didn’t even notice him taking these pictures until he showed me.
And he posted everything up on Facebook also walao!!

Other people got to pose nicely but not me -_-

Lastly, I received this wonderful warning letter in my email today –

rainbowloveeeHalf the class received warning letters too

The attendence system for lectures is to clock in by scanning your admin card.

The thing is, I have never skipped any lectures for this module before.
And see the 22nd April that line? It’s a Thursday and we do not even have this module on that day -_-

I got marked absent because I scanned my card too early -_-
Wow, that’s certainly a first. Usually you hear about people being marked absent for being late but not early.

Incidentally this is the module with the lecturer I dislike most. The one who said “You should be” to me after I apologised for being late. ~!@#$%

Thank goodness I see him only once a week on Tuesdays.
Shall have to go clarify tomorrow. At least I’m not alone.

The only lectures I’ve skipped are GSMs but theoretically speaking I was present. Because I passed my card to others who are attending the lecture and asked them scan for me.

As you can see, NYP’s attendence system is screwed up, pointless and… fail.

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