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Bad decisions make good stories. And I always have a good story.

Life in its bits and pieces :)

Good things in Life

Hihihi 😀
Shall try to blog as little words as possible without missing out anything on what’s been happening yesterday and today. There are photos!


Class started at noon and I WAS LATE.
Because I dillied-dallied and decided to dress up more since it’s gonna be quite a long day till 6pm LOL

Saw Mark Wee at Khatib MRT but I didn’t know it was him, just found him familiar-looking, because he was wearing shades ._. {?} And when I went into the train, I saw Laurence. All latecomers!!

Walked damn fast to class but I still came in ten minutes late.
Said sorry to Mr Chong and he replied, “You should be.” -_-Then he started droning on about how everytime we come in late, we distract him blahblah.  And I’m not even the latest. Mark Wee came in after meeee.

At least I turned up. Not like him last week, didn’t turn up AT ALL and wasted 90 minutes of everyone’s time. Do you know how much can be done in 90 minutes?

Not saying it’s not my fault for being late. It is his horrible attitude and the way he said, “You should be.”

I don’t like him. I think most of us don’t like him lah. He’s NO FUN. Hariz said he feels like slapping his face LOL
And he told Ash that they will have to talk about all the piercings on her face. When other lecturers didn’t even say anything about it.

Plus his module (Media Industry blahblah) is the most boring module in my course. I’m not saying that just because of him, it’s true!!
Don’t believe you see for yourself –

Modules in my course for this semester

– Creativity & Thinking Skills
– Scriptwriting
– Marketing Management
– Digital Film and Video Production
– Media Industry something (I can’t even remember the full name)

It is a no-brainer that I like the first two because I love to write. The next 2 are interesting and for now, they are taken by the same lecturer who is so funny and whom everyone likes.

Anw, had to do self-introduction since he didn’t come last week. But instead of introducing ourselves, we have to say something about the person sitting on your right.

I knew Hariz was going to say that I have a thing for rainbow sheep, and sure enough he did ._. Whole class laugh :O Mr Chong asked me why I like rainbow sheep… as if I will him the story behind it.

Then lunch… nobody clear my plate before I finished this time LOL
Geraldine brought her pair of fake specs and I camwhored with it –

rainbowloveee™Dian Dian Dian Dian Dian! 😀



In a crazy and ridiculous mood again ^-^





Hehehe I’m damn lame. But I like her specs! Feel like going out and buying a pair for myself, just to camwhore 😀 because somehow I feel that it makes me face looks smaller hahahah!

Some other pics –

“This is my stupid face look.” – Judith

Tried to camwhore while walking -_-

Went to lecture by Mr Chong, boring as hell. Had a sudden realisation why Mark wears shades in MRT… because he wants to see couples make out.

During one of the many self-intros we had to do, Mark Wee said he likes to see couples make out in public himself. So my conjecture makes sense right!!!

Laughed suddenly because it was so funny.
Darilene and Geraldine asked what’s wrong and I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t speak. Typed it out on my phone for them to see instead…

All 3 of us burst out laughing.
Furthermore we were sitting right in the middle of the lecture theatre. Think we were quite obvious, the row before us turned and looked at us. Mr Chong probably noticed but who cares!

Went to Marketing lecture by Mr Azhar after that. Watched some videos and one of them was the “Where The Hell Is Matt” one. I felt happy when he showed us that because it’s one of my favourite videos on Youtube 😀

WanYu shared it with me last time and I totally loved it!
In case you haven’t seen it –

I think it’s really amazing (Y)
Love the Christmas Island one – pardon my ignorance but I never knew it was brimming with crabs till that extent! Awesome awesome awesome video :DDDD

Here’s another cool one –

It’s a life story, if you noticed 😀
It’s supposed to be an ad – CREATIVE RIGHT (L)

Supposed to end at 6pm but Mr Azhar ended before it was even 5pm.
Woooo! 😀


Started at 9am. Digital Film & Video Production module lasting 4 hours with Mr Azhar 🙂
We got to fiddle with some bigshot Sony camcorder, cool much!
Got grouped up for ICA1 and I’m with Nicole & Brandon ^-^

No more classes after that, but had interview for Make-up Artist CCA with Geraldine and Darilene after that! So had lunch together and with Jasmine too and yay, I feel compensated for the chicken cutlet I never got to finish (refer to previous poast somewhere if you are blur) LOL :DDDD

I ordered this Japanese fried rice set –

This whole set costs $3.10

When my food reached the counter, I got this:

Extra Japanese steamed egg costing $1 which I didn’t order nor pay for!

Japanese fish cake thingy on top

I waited quite  a while to see if it was somebody else’s order but nobody came to claim it… so I took it and ran.

Okay I did not run but I made myself out of sight from that stall.
Wahahaha free egg! :DDD

You can scold me dishonest or whatever crap but I don’t care. I will still take it if nobody else does. This is life and this is the kind of person I am (:



More eggs……

So today I had a very eggy meal LOL!

After eating, decided to apply some makeup for our interview!!
To show that we are experienced LOL 😀 fancy that huh!
Applying in food court somemore hahaha!

Darilene did eyeliner for me and Jasmine did eyeshadow for me hehehe 😀 As you know, I am a noob when it comes to makeup. Hardly use it and when I do, it’s my mom that helps me ._.


Then started to camwhore again.. but I don’t think the makeup is obvious. Natural look :DDD
Applying makeup and camwhoring in food court…. (Y) HAHAHAH

Love my nails mannnnnnn 😀




The interview was all right. One of the questions was “On a scale of 1 to 10, how commited do you think you can be?” Guess my answer? I said ELEVEN -_- Omigosh. It was on impulse, honest!!!

I hope I get in laaa 😀
First time my mother 100% approves of the CCA I join and never nag anything at all!! LOL

I think I want join the French Club too… because there are no fixed weekly meetings. See first!

Went home via MRT with Geraldine, it was super packed.
Funny thing…

There was this guy beside us using iPad and we were like wow? Because iPad is still quite new and not as common as the iPhone yet, you don’t see people flashing iPads around everywhere.

Then awhile later he flashed out his iPhone O_O
Geraldine & I looked at each other and said “Apple fan.”

Awhile later, he took out something again… some bigshot high-class looking DSLR camera O______O
Geraldine and I looked at each other, and at the EXACT same time, mouthed, “Super rich.”

Gosh, wonder what is his job/profession/career.
Flashy much? But cool maxxxx tooooo.

Oooh finally finished this uber long poast!
Hope you enjoyed it :}

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